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Climate & Energy

Big Coal to meet its fate in tiny Northwest town

One of 2013's biggest climate fights has quiet Boardman, Ore., poised to become a backdrop for the transformation of the U.S. coal industry.

Climate & Energy

The 14 fossil-fuel projects poised to f*ck up the climate

New research has determined which planned fossil-fuel projects pose the biggest threat to the climate. Coal-port expansion in the U.S. ranks near the top. Find out what the others are.

Business & Technology

Baby, you can drive my car: How car sharing teaches us to be good neighbors

Remember when technology was going to shred our social fabric? Well, here’s an example of how it might be doing just the opposite.


Ask Umbra: Should I sell my Exxon stock?

A reader wonders if it’s unethical to hang on to Big Oil stocks, and if shareholder activism does any good. Umbra offers some centsible advice.


Happy MLK Day! Now get off the couch and do the King proud

Today is the only national holiday that is not really a day "off," but a day "on."

Business & Technology

In Detroit, automakers gear up to meet new fuel-efficiency standards

On display at the Detroit Auto Show is evidence of gas guzzlers adopting fuel-saving technology made famous by the Prius.


The problem wasn’t the green groups: What Skocpol gets wrong about the climate bill fight

Who's to blame for the failure of the climate bill in 2009 and 2010? Hint: the people who opposed it, ignored it, or undersold it.

Climate & Energy

U.S. military gets serious about microgrids … which is more exciting than it sounds

The military is working to make its bases energy self-sufficient through the deployment of "microgrids." What it learns will be useful to civilians as well.

Climate & Energy

Fiddling on the roof: Can $10 million in prize money spark a solar revolution?

The Department of Energy is offering a fat check to anyone who can cut the cost of installing solar panels. If Germany can do it, surely we can too.