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America’s silent housing crisis calls for a fresh, greener approach

Habitat for Humanity has made a name for itself building new houses for poor people. Meanwhile, there is a silent crisis among those who can’t afford to keep up the homes they’re already in.


Keeping the peace between beekeepers and their urban neighbors

As beekeeping becomes more popular in urban areas, some nearby residents are turning to vandalism. Experts share tips for beekeepers who want to get along with their neighbors.


Ask Umbra: Help! I’m in a tight(s) spot

A reader wonders about eco-friendly leggings. Umbra unrolls some no-nonsense advice.


Older boomers help shift driving trends into reverse

Because driving rates peak in midlife, the aging of the baby boom generation will lead to a drop in per-capita driving.

Climate & Energy

Swimming in it: An idyllic New England creek becomes a raging menace

When Hurricane Irene blew through New York state last year, a neighboring creek gushed into Catherine Taylor-Rosenbaum's basement. It wasn't the first flood in recent memory, and she doesn't think it will be the last. …

Climate & Energy

Of nerds and words: Why everybody must read Joe Romm’s new book

Anyone who cares about why science doesn't get through to the public should read "Language Intelligence."


These companies don’t want GMOs labeled in California

Here's a visual breakdown of the 20 companies that have put the most money into fighting California's Prop 37. Can you guess who's at the top?


Umbra’s second helpings: Kiddie pools

Is there a greener alternative to vinyl kiddie pools? Umbra wades in.


Paul Ryan’s food and agriculture track record: Neither ‘refreshing’ nor ‘bold’

Did Paul Ryan "get in the way" of this year's farm bill? Not exactly. Does that mean his ideas are good for food and agriculture? Not a chance.