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Climate & Energy

Why Greenland’s melting could be the biggest climate disaster of all

With the Greenland ice sheet melting faster than anyone predicted, glaciologist Jason Box is racing to find out just how soon we could be swamped.


Do you think Obama will approve the Keystone pipeline? Take our poll

A decision on the Keystone XL tar-sands pipeline is now expected in the spring. The State Department is reviewing it, but ultimately Obama will make the call.


No bad apples: Grocery store cuts waste and cost by selling imperfect fruit

By selling apples normally deemed not pretty enough for retail, one California grocery chain leads the way in cutting food waste and saving eaters money.

Climate & Energy

Why are greens so defensive about the rebound effect?

The "rebound effect" -- whereby energy efficiency can cause some increases in energy consumption -- is not an argument against energy efficiency policies. So why worry about it?

Climate & Energy

Uncertainty about climate change is reason for more aggressive action

Fully accounting for the uncertainties involved in the climate system entails a higher price on carbon, according to new research.

Climate & Energy

How to make gasoline from tar sands, in six simple steps

They've been compared to blood diamonds and cluster bombs, but tar sands aren’t so bad. Here’s a handy step-by-step guide to spinning gold from “natural asphalt.”

Climate & Energy

Will Germany banish fossil fuels before the U.S.?

German political parties of every stripe now back a plan that is expected to nearly end that country’s use of fossil fuels by 2050.


Death from above: Chicago’s bird casualties offer clues on climate change

Angry, or just confused, birds launch themselves into Chicago’s skyscrapers in an apparent effort to tell us we’re screwing up the planet.


Climate change and the cult of the presidency

When we attribute superhuman powers to the words of the resident of the White House, we take our eyes off the way political change really unfolds.