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Urban Agriculture

Peebottle Farms: Insta-heirloom

After her chickens destroy the spring garden starts, our urban farming columnist goes on an heirloom seed-seeking adventure.

Green Living Tips

Ask Umbra: Is my single-serve coffeemaker wasteful?

A reader frets about his caffeine-delivery equipment. Umbra gives him a dose of reality.

Climate & Energy

‘Screaming headlines’ vs. reasonable people: A talk with the EPA’s Lisa Jackson

In her time at the helm of the Enivronmental Protection Agency, Jackson has gone from crusading to embattled. She talks with us about false choices between green ideals and greenbacks, the power of peer review, and cleaning up coal.

Urban Agriculture

Chicken soup for the soil: Cleaning up toxic earth in Philadelphia [VIDEO]

This video follows an experimental soil-focused art project in Philadelphia with a goal of one day making contaminated "brownfields" safe to farm on.


Smoke it if you’ve got it: DIY meat for locavores

Smoking your own meat is easier than it sounds -- even if don't own any of the fancy gear. Try this DIY technique.


Tiny corn could be the next big thing

New science suggests that smaller crops might produce the same amount of food with much fewer resources.

Green Living Tips

Umbra’s second helpings: Untangling the garden hose problem

A reader wonders how to find a hose that's not made of PVC plastics. Umbra's not going to water down this answer.


Off our chests: What breasts tell us about the state of our world

Breasts are amazing things, says Florence Williams, author of the new book "Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History" -- but maybe not for the reasons you think they are.


New York’s roofscape gets climate makeover [VIDEOS]

Witness the evolution of New York City’s billion-square-foot roofscape in the face of climate change.