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Climate & Energy

Are fungus-farming ants the key to better biofuel?

Secrets from the leafcutter ant's underground fungus fields could help create a more efficient ethanol.

Climate & Energy

We work on climate change every day

The secretary of state says the Obama administration is pushing ahead on climate solutions with China and the rest of the world -- and he wants your ideas for new initiatives.

Climate & Energy

Occupy Sandy: Once welcomed, now questioned

The Occupy movement's relief team still hasn't disbursed all the money it raised to help one of New York City's hardest hit neighborhoods.


Biking basics for folks who’ve always wanted to ride, but didn’t dare [VIDEO]

Looking for a basic bicycling video to ease your motorphobia? Well, we've got good news for you!

Hug life: Sometimes activists need to retreat, recharge, and embrace the “woo”

Those working for social change face constant uphill struggle. They need recharging. Up in British Columbia, a place called Hollyhock is devoted to that purpose.


The feds get seriously creepy about climate change

Turns out climate change may be a top government priority after all -- just not in the way you might think.


Syngenta plays dirty to shape public opinion on herbicide

The ag-tech giant paid "experts" to discredit critics and support shills, according to a new story.

Climate & Energy

Wind farms seek federal OK to kill eagles, pissing off both left and right

Wind developers want to be allowed to kill a few eagles. Conservationists say this is unnecessary. Right wingers are delighted to spread negative news about renewable energy.


Hummingbird tree-sit could stop San Fran developers where occupiers failed

Could a federal law protecting wildlife monkeywrench San Francisco's housing boom?