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Factory Farms

Do the feds care about antibiotics in animal feed?

Did you know ethanol producers use antibiotics to control the fermentation process? Then those drugs end up in the grain by-products we're feeding to livestock and dairy cows? We asked the FDA if they have any plans to put a stop to that pattern. Their answer: not any time soon.


Re-Whiting history: Richard White on managing our un-pristine planet

The award-winning environmental historian says humans have had a massive impact on the environment for centuries. Is it different now, in the "Anthropocene"? Yes and no.

Industrial Agriculture

‘Bitter Seeds’ documentary reveals tragic toll of GMOs in India

A new film offers an intimate look at the lives of farmers who become so mired in debt growing genetically modified seed they take their own lives.

Climate Change

‘Hug the monster’: Downplaying the climate threat won’t work as a survival strategy

When it comes to climate change, we should take a cue from Air Force trainers and "hug the monster": embrace our fear and turn its energy into action.

Green Cars

What car should my family buy?

It's time to retire the trusty Roberts family minivan. What should replace it? A Prius v? The Ford C-Max hybrid?

Green Jobs

Don’t call me an environmentalist

The environmental movement’s approval ratings are going down the tubes, even as more Americans profess to live greener lifestyles. Here’s what’s up.


Locavore brew: Tapping into beer’s agricultural roots

What happens when small batch brewers discover the farm-to-table movement and run with it?

Farm Bill

Will this Farm Bill do enough for young farmers?

By the time the next Farm Bill expires in five years, 125,000 American farmers will have retired. This fact may well be the biggest threat to national food security, but you wouldn’t know it if you’ve been following this year’s Farm Bill hearings.

Green Living Tips

Ask Umbra: How do I avoid cheap plastic spray bottles?

A reader says she’s littering the planet with her discarded spritzers. Umbra gets all misty eyed.