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Climate Change

Are our 15 seconds of fame up, geologically speaking?

Paleontologist Jonathan Payne says we’re not seeing the sixth mass extinction yet. But give us time …


Rio cycle: Canadian bikes to Earth Summit (with a little help from trains and buses)

Last January, sustainability planner Naomi Devine set out from Vancouver, British Columbia, planning to ride her bike to the Earth Summit in Brazil. It didn’t work out the way she imagined, but she still made the rest of us look like chumps.

Urban Agriculture

What farms can do for cities: A chat with author Sarah Rich

The author talks about her new book, Urban Farms, the difference between a farm and a garden, and how city farmers are moving beyond the trend factor.


Rio-ality check: Can the Earth Summit be saved?

With just days to go before world leaders arrive in Rio, international talks are sliding toward the lowest common denominator. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing.


Sea sick: Another virus crashes Canada’s salmon farms

Viruses that devastate fish farms, like the one that broke out last month in British Columbia, could have serious implications for wild salmon populations.

Climate Change

Climate change is simple: We do something or we’re screwed [my TEDx video]

In April, David Roberts gave a TEDx talk entitled "Climate change is simple." Here, he expands on the points he made during that brief presentation.

Green Living Tips

Ask Umbra: How can I get my neighbors to stop spraying pesticides?

A reader's garden has been poisoned by her spray-happy neighbors. Umbra offers ways to help them catch the drift.

Climate & Energy

Twitterstorm rising: On Rio eve, sharing a call to end fossil fuel subsidies

Can outdo Justin Bieber in setting records on Twitter? And can that possibly make a difference to the planet?

Green Cars

Electric cars: A shopper’s cheat sheet

There are plenty of EV models to choose from these days, which makes for a complicated decision. Here's a table with basic stats on the major electric and plug-in hybrid cars.