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Climate & Energy

We’re about to push the Earth over the brink, new study finds

"State shift" doesn't mean moving to Arkansas. It's the alarming phrase a new study uses to describe what goes down when we push the planet past its limits. And it's just around the corner.

Industrial Agriculture

Feds to farmers: Grow GMO beets or face sugar shortage

The good news: The USDA finally released an environmental impact review of genetically engineered sugar beets. The bad: Monsanto has already crowded out other seed makers.


500 million reasons to rethink the parking lot

All the world is a parking lot -- or a heck of a lot of it is, anyway. But according to professor Eran Ben-Joseph, these places don’t have to be wastelands.

Business & Technology

Coal down, cleantech up in electric utility survey

U.S. utilities are shifting away from coal and toward sustainability initiatives, electric vehicles, and clean technology, an annual survey of the industry found.


Can climate hawks campaign for something good instead of against something bad?

The climate activist movement has plenty of bright-green, positive rhetoric, but it has struggled with how to put its weight behind positive campaigns. It's no easy task, but it's necessary.


The food movement’s final frontier: Taking care of workers

A comprehensive new report looks at the people behind our food chain and finds low wages, little chance for advancement, and often deplorable working conditions.

Inside Grist

Mill for the Grist: Fresh, whole-brain news

Introducing the new Gristmill, our home for the latest breaking news items, links, and commentary.

Farm Bill

Pushing for local food in the farm bill: An interview with Chellie Pingree

Rep. Chellie Pingree introduced the Local Farms, Food, and Jobs Act to make sure small-scale agriculture doesn't get left out of this year's farm bill.


Greening the ghetto: From survival to sustainability

Artist and activist Marc Bamuthi Joseph says the first step toward greening the inner city is fostering an appreciation for life. The next step? Take the green brand back from the Prius-driving vegans.