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Climate & Energy

Talking climate change with the old-timers on the back roads of New England

The Slow Ride Stories gang talks about hot times with a roadside hot dog vendor, then teaches us a thing or two about the hot rod they're traveling on -- a classic Royal Enfield motorcycle.


The first challenge to restoring the L.A. River: Reminding Angelenos that it exists

City planners once imagined that Los Angeles residents would take pleasant walks along the freeways that line the L.A. River’s banks, but today, the waterway is largely invisible to the city that surrounds it.

Whales for sale: How cap-and-trade could finally save Flipper

In an age of global warming and mass extinction, the fight to save the whales seems quaint. But the whales are still in trouble -- and one scientist thinks she’s found a way to save …

Climate & Energy

The most important clean-energy vote this year is in Michigan

Michigan's modest renewable energy standards led to more economic growth, jobs, pollution-free energy, and pride. Now voters' decision to expand it (or not) will reverberate in other states.


Fake health food: How to spot it and what to eat instead

Made with real fruit! Now with more fiber! Can "healthy" products making claims like these ever compete with real, whole food?


Big Food puts its back into fighting GMO labeling in California

The Grocery Manufacturers Association -- a group that includes PepsiCo, General Mills, and Monsanto -- has made fighting California's Prop 37 its "highest priority."


Can sprawling Los Angeles learn to let a river run through it?

It will take more than pretty streamside parks to heal the beaten-down L.A. River. A real revival will have to involve the entire watershed – a tall order in a valley dominated by blacktop and …

Climate & Energy

Why the military is trying to reduce its fossil fuel use

Republicans campaigning against the military's efforts to move beyond fossil fuels have forgotten why the U.S. armed forces began trying to save energy in the first place.


Feminist funnywoman Caitlin Moran says the planet doesn’t need your babies

The "British Tina Fey" makes the best case you've ever read for not having kids. And for feminism too.