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Climate & Energy

RIP, Barry Commoner: A scientist who wasn’t afraid to make some noise

This pioneering ecologist argued that protecting the environment was inseparable from social issues such as civil, women's, and consumer rights.

Climate & Energy

Matt Damon brings the fracking fight to the big screen

In the fracking-centric "Promised Land," Matt Damon, John Krasinski, and Gus Van Sant aim to deliver a star-studded, Oscar-baiting environmental drama -- and they'll do it without a single penguin or Powerpoint.

Climate & Energy

Three climate and energy debate questions for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

Given how relevant our energy future and response to climate change are to the economy, here are some questions we'd love to hear asked in Wednesday's domestic-policy debate.


Drama for your farmer: A play captures the demise of the small farm

With their play "Farmscape," an Iowa professor and her students have brought agribusiness, GMOs, consolidation, and other core tensions of the Midwest farming world to life.


Ask Umbra: Does microwaving vegetables zap their nutritional value?

A reader asks if it’s bad to microwave your food. Umbra cooks up an answer that’s healthy -- and tasty too.


Weed dating: Young farmers go looking for romance [VIDEO]

Meeting people is hard when you work on a farm. That's where this form of "speed dating" enters the picture.

Climate & Energy

Everything you need to know about where Obama and Romney stand on energy policy

The presidential candidates' energy agendas couldn't be more different. Here's a side-by-side comparison.


Urban living: Good for the planet, but bad for our brains?

A New York City transplant wonders whether the city is making her crazy -- or if it's just her. The answer? Maybe a little of both.

Climate & Energy

In a climate-crazed world, how can we plan for the future?

Climate change brings so many uncertainties that it's hard to know how to make decisions and plan for the future. The trick is not to aim for the most efficient solution, but the most robust, …