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Why guerrilla gardening won’t turn the world into “Blade Runner” hell

A recent New York Times op-ed painted urban gardeners as a selfish breed greening the world in the human interest. That's right -- and here's why it's a good thing.

“Fearless Summer” movement launches months of intense climate protest

The Fearless Summer is planning a carnival of non-stop summer protest and direct action against dirty energy.


Oh beehive: This pollinator porn will make you fall in love with bees

This could be the most lavishly filmed insect flick ever. It may also break your heart.


Junk food science: What kids see on TV can hurt them

The American Medical Association calls for a ban on marketing “energy drinks” to youngsters. Maybe Ronald McDonald should get the axe next.


Republicans “apoplectic” as farm bill fails in the House

The U.S. House of Representatives just voted down its own version of the farm bill.


Can a music festival be sustainable? Pickathon is finding out

A little music festival in Oregon has ditched single-use plates and cups, put up solar panels, and encouraged its audience to come by bus and bike. Can a giant party in the woods get greener, …


Ugly by law: Check out how parking requirements shape our cities

Here's a photo essay on how off-street parking minimums shape our neighborhoods and architecture.


Black to the land: Project explores connections between race and place

Most African Americans, Caribbean Americans, and African immigrants live in cities. That doesn’t mean they don’t have deep roots.


NYC’s official website explains why NYC’s official compost plan can’t possibly work

It appears that Mayor Bloomberg was against composting before he was for it.