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Thinking of a master plan: Portland’s mayor on building prosperous cities

Portland, Ore., Mayor Sam Adams says that cities are ideally positioned to lead the way toward prosperity.


Speak up! Young people need to be heard at the Earth Summit

This is an opportunity, one youth leader says, for those energized by the street and internet democracy that has proliferated in recent years to bring their voices to the table with world leaders.

Climate Change

The ‘reasonable middle’ on climate change

Climate impacts will be worse than skeptics say and not as bad as some climate hawks say -- but those impacts will still be really, really terrible. David Roberts wonders: Can a "reasonable middle" stance on climate change ever influence those with political power?


Is the ‘obesity lobby’ winning?

A closer look at how lobbying from the processed food industry is reshaping kids' health -- literally.


High-fructose corn syrup and autism: The paper’s authors respond

Of "causes" and "risk factors," "macroepigenetic models" and "total loads."


Get your ass on that bike!

‪In honor of National Bike Month, Grist challenges you to ride your bike to work. And we've got a few pearls of wisdom to help get you started‬.

Inside Grist

Help! Grist’s been struck by a curse [VIDEO]

Grist staff must speak aloud solely in verse. You can spring us from this lyrical chore! Just give Grist a buck, or a smidge more!

Urban Agriculture

By growing food, Occupy the Farm helps a movement grow up

With the takeover of a University of California agricultural testing station, Occupiers move from envisioning a new world to creating one.

Sustainable Food

We catch too many sardines — but should we stop eating them?

The problem isn’t that people are eating too many sardines -- on the contrary, it's that we're feeding most of them to farmed fish (like tuna and salmon) and industrially farmed animals.