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The sharing economy: Grist’s theme for January

When we start substituting sharing for buying, fascinating changes -- disruptions, opportunities, and maybe even climate benefits -- can follow. We'll explore them this month.


The science of why comment trolls suck

A recent study suggests that pushing people's emotional buttons through derogatory comments only entrenches their preexisting beliefs.

Climate & Energy

If you aren’t alarmed about climate, you aren’t paying attention

A review of what climate change has in store renders the notion of climate "alarmism" rather quaint, even bizarre. There isn't enough alarm in the world for this.

Hot in here: How the ‘If you’re 27 or younger’ meme took off

When you boil a complex statistic down to a phrase that connects with people, it finds a home in our minds.

Business & Technology

The sharing economy, from soup to nuts

Tool libraries! Coworking spaces! Car sharing! The “collaborative consumption” revolution is upon us. Here’s what you need to know to take part.


Thought for food: New think tank looks for global solutions to our broken food system

Food Tank, a food-focused think tank, has ambitious plans to become a go-to resource for activists, policymakers, and farmers across the world.

Climate & Energy

Heat: Hell on poor countries, no biggie for the rich

High temperatures hamper economic growth in poor countries but not in rich countries. That does not make for a good political dynamic.

Climate & Energy

Climate-proofing cities: Not something conservatives are going to be good at

To prepare cities for climate change, we’re going to need government spending, government planning, and density. Right-wingers are unlikely to play along.


Who will serve on Obama’s second-term green team?

Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire could head up EPA. L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa could become transportation secretary. Who else? Find out.