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Ask Umbra: Who’s the greenest character on TV?

A reader wonders which shows have the best eco-role models. Umbra goes channel surfing.


David Byrne plays Scrabble with bike racks in Brooklyn

The former Talking Heads front man-turned-bicycle-advocate is making his mark on the NYC streetscape with funky new cycle infrastructure.

Five weird burgers (and the companies who should sponsor them)

Here's a wrap-up of some of the weirdest hamburgers in recent history -- complete with imaginary corporate backers.


12 things you can do with a parking spot (besides parking a car)

On PARK(ing) Day, humans around the world reclaimed parking spots with miniature golf courses, Twister, pop-up chicken coops, and banana art. Check out our favorite photos.

Climate & Energy

Why is rooftop solar cheaper in Germany than in the U.S.?

A new survey has answers -- and they're not as obvious as you might expect.


Buttercup squash and maple syrup tart [Recipe]

This healthy, savory pastry makes an easy autumn treat. And the video of the process is lovely, too!

Climate & Energy

Quiz: How many climate deniers could you fight off?

If climate-change skeptics came at you with slime, mud, and threatening letters, how many could you beat up? Take our quiz to find out.


Philadelphia’s Katherine Gajewski is turning a gritty city green

Philadelphia's sustainability director talks about overflowing sewers, making climate change a central part of city government, and her city’s lovely bones.


John Kerry on why we need fossil fuels (for now) and climate action (for real!)

John Kerry talks to Grist about the difficulty of climate solutions, the unfortunate necessity of oil and gas, and the vacuity of Mitt Romney.