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Tough spot for farmers: Adapting to change you can’t believe in

The Agriculture Department will help farmers deal with a warmer climate, whether they accept its reality or not.

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She’s got the Power: What does Obama’s U.N. ambassador pick think about climate?

Samantha Power hasn't said much on climate change.


Get your city fix: Parklets, DIY bike lanes, and other hometown improvement projects

Inspired by crosswalk vigilante Anthony Cardenas? Then check out these other city hacks of questionable legality.

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Slicing open stalagmites to reveal climate secrets

Scientists are heading underground for clues to ancient climates.


A full-bodied high-fructose corn syrup with a sticky mouthfeel

It's in everything that Big Food produces -- and now, you can make the artisanal version at home. But why?

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What it’s really like to have a coal terminal in your backyard

A British Columbia paper published a jaw-dropping exposé on pollution from local coal terminals. It's a must-read for anyone worried about how export terminals handle coal in reality.

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This is what an ice-free Antarctica looks like

Check out the most detailed map of a continent never truly seen by human eyes: the de-iced surface of Antarctica.

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One meteorologist’s come-to-Jesus moment on climate change

Like many TV weather forecasters, the Weather Channel's Stu Ostro didn't believe in climate change -- until extreme weather and scientific evidence changed his mind.

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The Obama climate move that nobody noticed

With a behind-the-scenes accounting change, the Obama administration has justified more government regulation to fight climate change.