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Cap-and-spade: Will California’s carbon market dollars go to organic farms?

As California enters the world of cap-and-trade, sustainable farms are in line to receive dollars that will come straight from oil and gas companies.

Business & Technology

What’s inside your iPhone 5? [VIDEO]

Apple's newest release contains far fewer toxic chemicals than its predecessors, but that's still not saying much.


Debate debrief: No mention of climate, energy lies from Romney

In the first debate, Romney made bogus statements about stimulus funding for cleantech firms. No one made any statements about climate change.


A ‘radical homemaker’ shares her secret to greener, more affordable meat eating

With her new book "Long Way on a Little," the author of "Radical Homemakers" talks about how to use the bones, fat, and extra parts of grass-fed animals to make them last.


What can climate hawks expect from the first presidential debate?

Moderator Jim Lehrer isn't likely to ask a direct question about climate change, but you can bet that energy policy will come up. David Roberts offers a primer.


‘Detropia’ takes us inside the lives of people living among the ruins

The Motor City has been glamorized as a land of exquisite corpses. Now, the directors of "Boys of Baraka" and "Jesus Camp" bring us the survivors.

Climate & Energy

Clean energy showdown in Arizona

National politics tends to suck up all the attention. But a battle going on in Arizona could have a huge effect on the future of solar power.

Climate & Energy

At the debate, listen for the climate silence

A new campaign aims to mobilize voters who want to see the presidential candidates take climate concerns seriously.

Climate & Energy

Undecided voters not undecided about climate change

A Yale survey found that most swing voters know human-caused climate change is real and want the government to do something about it.

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