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A low-cost way to improve public transit: Add joy

Can transit incorporate art? Yes! How about playground equipment? You bet. Even … sex? Oh yeah, baby.


Ask Umbra: Where’s the best place to ride out climate change?

A reader asks where she should move to be best positioned for the coming eco-apocalypse. Umbra gives her a realty check.

E. O. Wilson wants to know why you’re not protesting in the streets

Edward O. Wilson dropped by the Grist office recently and asked why young people aren't out protesting the mess that’s being made of the planet. Help us come up with a good answer.

Climate Change

Rising tide: Norfolk, Va., struggles on the front lines of sea-level rise [VIDEO]

A city on the front lines of sea-level rise wonders how long it can keep the Atlantic Ocean at bay.

Urban Agriculture

Getting your goat in Louisville [VIDEO]

Join the Perennial Plate crew as they visit an urban goat herder in Louisville, Ky.


Colbert mocks group that blames immigrants for climate change

"It's always an immigrant who's cutting my grass with an exhaust-spewing lawnmower," says Stephen Colbert as he rips apart ads that criticize immigrants for increasing their carbon footprints.

Energy Policy

We’re half-assing the clean-energy transition

We're not moving fast enough to fight off catastrophic climate change, according to a new report from the IEA. What will it cost to really get going? A good chunk in the short term and negative dollars in the long term.

Business & Technology

The Walmart de Mexico scandal: Here’s a punishment that befits the crime

Walmart evaded environmental protections and other rules in Mexico by paying out bribes. As punishment, the company should have to give up many of its Mexican stores.


It’s official: China now eats twice the meat we do

China's meat consumption has changed a lot in the last 20 years -- so much so that corn to feed industrially raised animals is now more prevalent than rice.