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Who’s really hurting Aspen’s environment — jet-setters or immigrant workers?

Aspen's city council blames immigrants for environmental problems -- the same immigrants who do the town's menial labor while the rich fly in on private jets to enjoy their big vacation homes.

Election 2012

Could Romney’s scorn for wind power hurt him in the heartland?

Mitt Romney promises to revoke federal support for the wind industry. That might not go over well in swing states like Iowa, where the booming wind sector has wide, bipartisan support.

Check the math: Study touting ‘safer’ fracking reveals Big Oil’s ties to academia

A report from the University of Buffalo that called fracking "safer" was misleading and riddled with errors. But in failing to disclose the authors' connections to Big Oil, it showed how the fracking industry increasingly circulates misinformation under the guise of scholarship.


Stanford nutrition guru on how to change our food system (without giving up pizza)

Stanford professor Christopher Gardner says all the nutrition studies in the world couldn’t convince Americans to change their diets. He knows what is finally doing the trick, though.


Cut above: Cooking with grass-fed beef

A new book by Lynne Curry covers everything from how grass becomes beef to the basics of butchery -- with plenty of recipes along the way.


Risky business: A look inside the black heart of a Goliath oil company

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Steve Coll tells us why ExxonMobil pulled its funding from climate denial campaigns -- and why we may never be able to hold the company accountable for the damage it did.

Toward a future that makes sense

What would a future that makes sense look like? What would it mean to do it right, to stay within carbon and other resource limits while enjoying a high quality of life?


The way we farm now: Fruit and vegetables vs. commodity crops [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that if everyone in the country wanted to eat their daily recommendations of fruit and vegetables we wouldn't have nearly enough? See the big picture of American farming in this infographic.

Natural Gas

Against the grain: Fracking companies mine rural Wisconsin for sand

Fracking companies are storming rural Wisconsin, bringing money and misery with them. But they're not after natural gas: They're mining sand crucial to drilling operations everywhere. Inside the environmental nightmare you know nothing about.