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Climate & Energy

Crowdfunding helps community power become reality

The JOBS Act may finally allow thousands of regular folks to make a modest return by investing in local renewable energy projects.


Brave driver confronts Portland’s rabid cyclists

A businessman says he's had it with Portland's scofflaw cyclists. His solution: Require them to get licenses and registrations, just like car drivers.


Organic food: Still more than an elitist lifestyle choice

In a recent New York Times diatribe, columnist Roger Cohen called organics an "elitist, pseudoscientific indulgence shot through with hype." We beg to differ.

Climate & Energy

A simple, useful guide to communicating climate change

A newly released guide offers a simple framework to use when talking about climate change, based on core American values.

Climate & Energy

Hometown heroes: Three ways to win climate fights at the local level

Around the world, citizens are organizing and winning urgent local battles against oil barons, the coal industry, and other powerful opponents. Here are some of the keys to their success.


The man without a plan: Romney has no real food and farming platform

Even when pressed, Mitt Romney has very little to say about food and agriculture -- unless it's a question of food safety, in which case he wants to let Big Food off the hook.


Congress has three choices on the farm bill: Pass, renew, or flake

As lawmakers return from their August recess, and the current farm bill gets dangerously close to expiring, a whole host of sustainable food policies are at risk of disappearing.


Ask Umbra: Should I toss this teddy bear?

A reader says his house is stuffed to the roof with cuddly toys. Umbra offers some comforting advice.


Smart parking meters in San Francisco charge more than $5/hr

Under “dynamic pricing” schemes, the more people who want a parking spot, the more it costs. If it works, it could keep more cars off the streets.