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Amazing new house proves that green doesn’t have to mean expensive

In a tough neighborhood in Washington, D.C., the new Empowerhouse generates all of its own energy and captures all the rainwater that falls on site. And it didn’t cost a million bucks to build.

Climate & Energy

Be considerate of future generations — and future species, too

In all likelihood, the impacts of climate change will outlast us, as a species. So what, if anything, do we owe our distant, post-human descendants?


Grist’s ‘Shift the Gift’ campaign hits national TV — again

Earlier this month, Grist set out to rewrite the rules of the holidays. The idea seems to be catching.


Don’t like today’s food monopolies? Blame Robert Bork

The recently deceased federal judge helped make it possible for a small number of mega-corporations to dominate the American table.


Ignore the Midwest at your own risk, says a Kansas sustainability director

Kansas may be the testing grounds for a Tea Party America, but we need the Midwest if we're going to get anything done, argues the sustainability coordinator of Lawrence, Kan.

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Drought, floods, and one giant storm: The year in climate insanity [VIDEO]

Take a look back at the hottest year on record.

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What would Secretary of State John Kerry do on climate and Keystone?

If Kerry takes the helm at the State Department, he’ll be the most ardent climate hawk ever to hold the office. But how much will that matter?

Climate & Energy

Push to derail coal-export plan draws strength from all corners of Cascadia

Five proposed terminals that would ship coal from the Pacific Northwest to Asia have drawn vehement opposition from a much broader coalition than anyone expected.

Mission astonished: Thanks for your donations!

Grist's year-end fundraising appeal hit its mark. Here are the numbers.