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Stacey Champion took on the Tea Party — and won

When an Arizona state legislator tried to sneak through a law banning Agenda 21 and all things “sustainable,” this local rabble-rouser made some serious noise. It’s what you have to do, she says, when you …


‘I, Party Cup’: Help Grist make a crazy documentary

Who made the red party cup such a ubiquitous part of our disposable world -- and why'd they do it? Grist needs your help to fund this crazy documentary.


Is the ‘natural’ label 100 percent misleading?

Do you let the words "all natural" sway your purchasing decisions? If so, you're not alone. Here's what the label really means (and doesn't).

Climate & Energy

Utilities beat back community solar bill in California

A bill that would have let anyone in California buy power from small-scale, local renewable projects was killed by big investor-owned utilities.


Ed Markey, coauthor of big cap-and-trade bill, now lauds Obama’s ‘drill baby drill’ approach

Rep. Ed Markey, one of the biggest climate hawks in Congress, is now talking up President Obama's "all-of-the-above" energy strategy, from renewables to oil drilling.


Big Dog touches on big issue: Bill Clinton nods to climate change in convention speech

In a barn burner of a speech Wednesday night, Bill Clinton became the first big-timer at the Democratic convention to make reference to climate change.


Organic food might not be more nutritious, but you should eat it anyway

A roundup of expert opinions on Stanford University's latest organic study raises some big questions about the role of nutrition in the organic conversation.

Climate & Energy

The Anthropocene explained, game-show style [AUDIO]

Everything you need to know about the Age of Man in just five – OK, seven, minutes.


How extreme weather supersizes global food price tags

A new Oxfam report argues that previous research grossly underestimates future food prices by ignoring the impact of severe weather shocks to the global food system.