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Green Living Tips

Umbra’s second helpings: Shaving the planet [VIDEO]

Caught up in a hairy situation? Umbra shaves the day.


Vandana Shiva talks with Bill Moyers about the food system [VIDEO]

In this interview clip, scientist and philosopher Vandana Shiva recommends asking oneself daily: "Where am I complicit in the war against the earth?"


Cohousing: The secret to sustainable urban living?

Experiments in cooperative living offer a great model for building sustainable urban communities. But can they work for everyone?

Farm Bill

Will the farm bill prop up doomed crops in this extreme climate?

If the House Agriculture Committee has its way, the farm bill will continue to subsidize monocrops that don't have a chance in this increasingly inhospitable climate.


The left’s gone left but the right’s gone nuts: Asymmetrical polarization in action

Political polarization has risen sharply in recent years. But the process hasn't been symmetrical: Republicans have moved farther right than Democrats have left.

Check yo’self before you rec yo’self: A chat on smart summer recreation

Kristin Hostetter of Backpacker magazine chatted with readers on the do's and DO NOT EVER's of traipsing through the wilderness. Check out a replay of the conversation.

Organic Food

The latest New York Times exposé won’t stop me from eating organic

The paper of record says consolidation and corporate influence has made the organic label meaningless. The Organic Trade Association says size doesn't matter. The truth, as usual, is somewhere in between.

Climate Change

Strange things are afoot in the Arctic Circle

A research team recently discovered previously unknown life under young Arctic sea ice. Could it have anything to do with climate change?


Caring about family planning does not make you a slut, according to Melinda Gates

As she gears up for a big family-planning summit in London, Melinda Gates goes on "The Colbert Report" and CNN to dispel pesky rumors about her contraceptive campaign.