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Mercury in seafood: Where does it come from?

Seventy scientists spent two years putting together a complete picture of mercury in the ocean and in seafood. Will the results convince the U.S. to control emissions?


Tech, food experts join forces to hack the meat industry

The small-but-growing alternative meat industry got a needed boost this week from a group of foodies and software programmers at the first meat hackathon.


Peace in a pod: How tiny apartments could reshape the big city

Microhousing promises the kind of density essential for building sustainable cities -- but it doesn't always go over smoothly with the neighbors.

Climate & Energy

David Roberts talks fracking on MSNBC’s ‘Up With Chris Hayes’

It's not often a cable TV show hosts a smart, in-depth discussion of energy issues. David Roberts takes part in that rare episode on a recent "Up With Chris Hayes."

Climate & Energy

Geoengineering expert: Tinkering with climate is tempting, also ‘kind of insane’

Re-engineering the climate is often dismissed as quackery, but will desperation and runaway warming drive us to it? Granger Morgan thinks it might.


What does obesity have to do with climate change? Plenty, say some scientists

A less stable climate will likely cause food prices to spike, and that could mean more of us in the developed world will be eating highly processed, fattening foods.


In Boston, battling for bikes with (gasp!) civility and kindness

Jackie Douglas is crusading to make Beantown’s streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists, but you won’t hear her calling names.


Van Jones on Obama: Climate will be ‘the issue he’s judged on’

The president's former green jobs czar thinks growing public concern over climate change obligates Obama to take leadership on the issue.


Nothing corporate: Holiday shopping outside the big-box store

An attempt to avoid giving chain-store Christmas gifts kicks off with a weekend craft-fair binge.