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Climate & Energy

Disappearing glaciers: Now you see them, now you don’t

Glaciers worldwide aren't aging well. Watch some of the most famous ones fade before your eyes in this fascinating (and scary) interactive feature.


Spared by climate change: The 10 best cities to ride out hot times

Here are the places we’ll all be running to as the rest of the world goes to hell.


Chemical creep: Farmers return to pesticides as GMO corn loses bug resistance

As the crop-ravaging rootworm grows immune to Monsanto's Bt corn, farmers go back to spraying pesticides to protect their crops.

Climate & Energy

Utilities for dummies, part 2: Why we need competitive electricity markets (with fennec foxes!)

The electricity system is currently set up as a dumb commodity system to provide cheap power. What we need is a smart system to provide energy services. To get there, we have to change utilities.


Gut punch: Monsanto could be destroying your microbiome

The EPA and its buddies in agribusiness just quietly upped your recommended daily allowance of Roundup. This could be seriously bad news for your belly.


Screwed by climate change: 10 cities that will be hardest hit

We’ll all feel the heat, but some more than others. Here’s our salute to the cities most at risk as temperatures rise.

Climate & Energy

In GOP-run House, has science left the building?

Rep. Lamar Smith is calling for "thoughtful" discussion of climate change, but his main thought is just that we should approve Keystone XL. Here's what he and other Republicans are missing.

Business & Technology

Is the sharing economy skidding out?

New York is cracking down on peer-to-peer business. What could that mean for the rest of the sharing economy?

Climate & Energy

Solar Impulse’s U.S. adventures, in photos

The all-solar plane has already made it from the Bay Area to Phoenix. Check out pictures from the first leg of Solar Impulse's historic trip across America.