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Climate & Energy

Power play: Can utilities turn energy efficiency into fun and games?

Utilities are taking a page from Angry Birds and "gamifying" power consumption with a host of software and social tools. Conserving energy now brings high scores and badges -- along with money saved for the …

Factory Farms

New report: The Farm Bureau not a true friend to farmers

Despite its name, the American Farm Bureau Federation is more likely to side with the insurance industry than it is with farmers.


Know ‘The Story of Stuff?’ Watch ‘The Story of Change’

In her newest video, "The Story of Change," Annie Leonard argues that conscious consumerism is a great place to start, but a terrible place to stop.

Climate & Energy

Slow Ride Stories: Kick-starting conversations about climate change

Two filmmakers are touring the back roads of America this summer, talking to ordinary people about climate change. Their hope: to change the way we talk about, and deal with, the most pressing issue of …


From muumuu to Miu Miu: Turning thrift-store rejects into cute couture (SLIDESHOW)

Watch Jillian Owens transform old doozies into fashion do's.

Climate Policy

U.S. leads the world in cutting CO2 emissions — so why aren’t we talking about it?

Contrary to popular belief, the U.S. is making progress on climate change. And not just because of the recession and the natural-gas boom.


Me, you, and everything we eat: Does food righteousness hinder system-wide change?

Do you get tired of hearing about people's personal choices every time you bring up a big-picture food system problem that needs fixing? Me too.


‘Canopy Meg’ wants you to care about the rainforest

Amazing gravity-defying botanist talks about flying snakes, tree sloths, and the 98 percent of life in the rainforest that we don’t even know exists yet.

Climate Change

Climate reality bites: Gen-Xers don’t care much about global warming

Members of Generation X are responding to climate change with a big, collective shrug of indifference, according to a new survey.