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Giving thanks for public transit — weirdos and all

Sure, using public transportation saves money and reduces your environmental footprint. But that's not why we love it.


Guilt-free gobble: A holiday feast the ecosystem can be thankful for

In pursuit of the greenest Thanksgiving possible, Grist's eco-pioneer, the Greenie Pig, investigates the best main-course options. (Spoiler: Conventional turkey doesn't cut it.)


A grocery store for the people planned for West Oakland food desert

A new plan will put a grocery store in one of the nation's largest food deserts -- and provide a unique investment opportunity for regular folks.


From scratch: Maple-glazed sweet potatoes [RECIPE]

This Thanksgiving, replace those tiny marshmallows with real maple syrup -- before climate change gets it all.

Climate & Energy

Ripple effect: Conserving water is about more than just letting it mellow

Knowing that we'll be facing increasingly frequent droughts, one woman's quest to reduce her own water footprint offers insight into the impending water crisis and how we can fix it.

Climate & Energy

Oil and gas workers fracked by on-the-job injuries

Vehicle accidents are the top danger to oil and gas workers, and as drilling increases, so do fatalities. But incidents often go unreported.


This holiday season, consider the farmers — and the corporations that control them

Farmers facing corporate monopolies don't get a fair shake -- so why have the feds failed to help them out?

Climate & Energy

A chat with Al Gore on carbon taxes, natural gas, and the ‘morally wrong’ Keystone pipeline

In a wide-ranging conversation with Grist, Gore also talks about Obama's recent climate comments, coal export terminals, and climate progress around the world.

Climate & Energy

‘Chasing Ice’ lets you watch the Arctic glaciers disappear before your eyes. Feel better?

A new documentary film follows an intrepid team of photographers as they set out to capture, and communicate, the awesome violence of climate change.