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Gita Nanden says green design isn’t just for eco snobs

In Brooklyn's poorest neighborhood, one architect combines urban farming, smart design, and a little grit to draw the community into the process of creating a more sustainable city.

Climate & Energy

Climate scientists are Nate Silver, radio edition

Just as Republicans chose to ignore projections that Romney would lose, many Americans are choosing to ignore dire climate projections.


From scratch: Green bean casserole [RECIPE]

This week we're highlighting Thanksgiving recipes that rely on canned and highly processed ingredients and making them with whole foods instead.

Climate & Energy

10 reasons a carbon tax is trickier than you think

A well-designed carbon tax would be a wonderful thing. But all carbon taxes are not created equal. Climate hawks should be aware of the pitfalls and perils on the road to a tax.


Perfectly seasonal: An interview with Smitten Kitchen’s Deb Perelman

The veteran food blogger and photographer talks to us about her new book, her belief that meat should be a side dish, and her tips for a stress-free Thanksgiving.


Ask Umbra: Is it safe to roast turkey in a plastic bag?

A reader frets that her future mother-in-law wants to cook the poultry in plastic. Umbra advises her to keep the peas.

Climate & Energy

‘Do the Math’ livestream, direct from Washington, D.C.

Why the fossil-fuel industry is public enemy No. 1, and what we can do about it: Catch a live webcast of Bill McKibben's roadshow, 1 p.m. Eastern time Sunday.


To the bat cave: Desperate measures in a time of ‘peak conservation’

The Nature Conservancy opened the world's first artificial cave for hibernating bats. Cool, right? Also, a little worrisome.

Climate & Energy

Why President Obama should keep his promise to tackle climate change

Hurricane Sandy gave us a big, fat, election-season wake-up call on the climate. The president says he got the message. Now it’s time for action.