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Climate Change

Some like it hot (or cold): How weather affects carbon emissions

We need more nuanced ways of figuring out which countries are doing well on carbon. A new paper offers emissions rankings that take local climate into account.


Ikea won’t tell where it gets its wood — and Congress is about to give it a pass

Particleboard is the furniture equivalent of mystery meat -- and Ikea, which in the past has been a leader in responsible wood sourcing, is helping keep it that way.


Why women’s needs must be part of the conversation at Rio

Increasing women's reproductive freedom is crucial to building a more sustainable world. So why are their needs largely being ignored at the Earth Summit?

Green Living Tips

Good clean fun: Can green gadgets replace the washing machine?

Grist's green-living pioneer, the Greenie Pig, tries her hand -- literally -- at skipping the resource-guzzling washer and dryer.


Bye bye bumblebee: Honeybees aren’t the only pollinators in danger

The honeybee calamity has overshadowed the distressing fate of their native cousins, whose disappearance threatens the future of nearly every blooming wild plant.


Romney opposes mercury rule, beclowns himself again

Let's take a minute to mock the Romney campaign's stance on mercury and other toxic power plant emissions.

Factory Farms

Your meat on drugs: Will grocery stores cut out antibiotics?

A new campaign targets Trader Joe's, with an interest in prompting industry-wide change.

17-year-old Kiwi shames world leaders into action at Rio

A few months ago, Brittany Trilford posted a homemade video of herself on YouTube, pleading with world leaders to save the planet. At Rio, she got the chance to deliver that speech in person, and …

Climate & Energy

Paternalism in the age of climate change

The outcry over New York's soda ban reveals the murky line between individual and collective spheres -- and the line only gets murkier when it comes to climate change.