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Election 2012

Romney supported cap-and-trade in 2003 as a way to combat climate change

To add to the growing list of Mitt Romney's flip-flops on energy and climate, in 2003 he called cap-and-trade "an effective approach" to mitigating climate change.


April fooled? Spot the real news among made-up stories

It gets harder each year to distinguish between bizarre true stories that land on April 1 and genuine leg-pulling. Here are our favorite gags from this year — plus a few legit stories. See if you can find the fakers.

HEAT stroke: House energy action plan reads like a bad April Fools’ joke

With its latest energy action plan basically a how-to for warming the planet, the House Energy Action Team (HEAT) lives up to its name. We wish it were still April 1.


If a tree falls in the city, does it do anyone any good?

Many, if not most, trees planted in cities are dead within five years. A new generation of urban tree stewards is helping to keep them alive long after the planting has past.

Climate & Energy

Three questions about energy for Maggie Koerth-Baker

The author of the refreshingly pragmatic "Before the Lights Go Out" talks about finding common ground with climate deniers, the value of individual action in fixing a broken energy system, and the price of gas.

Climate & Energy

Only system-wide change can cure our climate hangover

"You could beat your own lifestyle into submission with a 10-foot club -- you could do more to save the planet than almost anyone is willing to voluntarily do -- and it still wouldn’t be enough. This isn’t about you, and it isn’t about me. It's about the systems that we share." Read an excerpt from Maggie Koerth-Baker's new book, "Before the Lights Go Out."

Climate Change

More power for women means less climate pollution, study suggests

Here's another indication that women are greener than men: In nations where women’s status is higher, CO2 emissions are lower, according to a new study.


Labor of love: Domestic fair trade grows

Just like Fair Trade for international farms, the Food Justice Certified label is rewarding farms with fair labor practices inside the U.S.

Green Living Tips

Ask Umbra: When should an old refrigerator be replaced?

A reader is finding it hard to part with an aging fridge. Umbra says it’s time to give the appliance the cold shoulder.