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Climate & Energy

Keystone XL: The science, stakes, and strategy behind the tar-sands pipeline fight

You're invited to the next Climate Desk Live event for a debate and discussion between some of the leading voices on this issue, including Grist's own David Roberts.

Climate & Energy

‘Messy’ U.S. climate policy is kinda working

Even without an overall climate strategy, the country is inching ahead on climate action, a new report found.


How immigration reform can lead us to a stronger environmental movement

The demographics of the U.S. are changing fast, and mainstream green groups aren't keeping up. It's time for a new, inclusive approach.

Climate & Energy

The brutal logic of climate change, international shipping edition

There's a titanic gulf between what we say ought to be done about climate change and what we are doing. For a great example, look at the shipping industry.

Climate & Energy

Meet the woman who shut down Chicago’s dirty coal plants

Kimberly Wasserman wins the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for organizing her neighbors in Southwest Chicago to fight the power plants giving them asthma.


Ask Umbra: How green is my Barbie? And other burning questions

Can I recycle broken glass? Clean my glasses without being a polluter? Responsibly rid myself of an old TV? Umbra, as always, has the answers.

Climate & Energy

Koch brother gives $100 million to Hurricane Sandy-stressed hospital

David Koch's donation is the largest in NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital's history.

Climate & Energy

Solar grows up — now what?

Solar has grown up and earned a seat at the big kids table. But that means the fights are going to get nastier.


A newbie vegan asks: Should you fake your steak?

Three weeks into her month-long experiment in veganism, Grist's green-living pioneer, the Greenie Pig, makes a foray into the world of faux meats.