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Romancing the bike: The seduction of pedal-powered transport

Why don’t Americans ride like the rest of the world? We don’t understand what other countries do: Biking isn’t just good for you, it’s fun, easy, and good for your love life.


Coal dependent: Pacific Northwest activists fight new export terminals

Local organizers are building big coalitions to keep the region from becoming a massive transfer station for toxic coal exports.


Co-operative farming from El Salvador to Kentucky [VIDEO]

Meet a farmer who's brought the co-operative farming method from his home in El Salvador to Louisville, Ky., where he coordinates a large urban farm.

Climate Skeptics

Nine out of 10 psychos agree: Heartland’s bonkers climate billboards need company!

The Heartland Institute's billboard campaign linking belief in climate change to mass murder and global genocide ended way too soon! We're remedying that. Herewith, more psychos and maniacs share moments of zen and proven wisdom.


Cure and simple: How to make your own bacon and charcuterie

Want to learn how to preserve that local pasture-raised meat? These recipes for homemade bacon and green chile chicken sausages should get you hooked.


Science says: Cut that steak in half to keep the climate in check

In their continuing efforts to go beyond CO2, some scientists have been looking seriously at the impact of nitrous oxide on the climate, and results point to a very familiar refrain: Eat more plants, less meat.

Election 2012

Big Oil dominates political attacks on Obama

Last month, almost 14,000 negative ads focused on energy. Why is energy dominating the right's campaign against Obama?

Climate Change

Too hot not to notice? Connecting the dots on climate

This weekend's global day of action will highlight that underneath the immediate distractions of flood and drought, climate change is the biggest thing going on every single day.


Southern discomfort: Tracing a region’s history through its food

What do food and farming have to do with race and culture? This food historian says plenty.