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Sustainable Farming

Nothing small about it: Microloans give new farmers a needed boost

Unless one has family money, starting a farm can be a huge financial risk. Now, some micro-lending programs are giving a wider range of people a chance to farm on their own.

Natural Gas

Smelling a leak: Is the natural gas industry buying academics?

Authors of pro-fracking studies are coming under fire for their cozy relationships with the fossil fuel industry.

Green Living Tips

Ask Umbra: Can I reuse the water from my dehumidifier?

A reader asks if she can drink the water from her dehumidifier. Umbra helps clear the air.

Climate & Energy

Lord of the tree rings: What trees can teach us about fire and climate change

Meet a scientist who studies the burn history of some of the largest forests on Earth.

Climate & Energy

Spirited discussion: In a New York distillery, insights on climate change

The Slow Ride Story guys get a glass, er, earful of tales about how the weather has been throwing local farmers for a loop.


You look great in green: Clothing industry gets a makeover, maybe

Big retail companies -- from Adidas to Walmart -- are taking a deep look at the environmental impacts of their products.


Should the food movement push for better jobs too?

As students rally for farmworkers and unions reach out to foodies, a new report asks: What would it take for the food and labor movements to truly combine forces?

Why climate change doesn’t spark moral outrage, and how it could

Perhaps the biggest barrier to action on climate change is the fact that it doesn't hit us in the gut. But new research suggests ways to make it a more potent moral issue.


Umbra’s second helpings: DIY lube [VIDEO]

Looking for love products in all the wrong places? Don't let toxic lubes rub you the wrong way. Umbra puts a little green lotion in your motion.