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Climate & Energy

Sooty cloud: A visit to Apple’s coal-powered data center

Some companies' server farms have moved toward cleaner fuel sources. Apple lags. Climate Desk paid a visit to the site of Apple's new North Carolina center.


How Huffington Post aided a demolition job on climate science

By reporting a climate-denialist stunt without probing its sources and context, the now Pulitzer-garlanded HuffPost participated in "verification in reverse" -- ripping up facts that were once nailed down.

Food Safety

Where ‘the whole animal’ meets pink slime

How do we balance what we've learned about pink slime in recent weeks with important messages about eating meat more efficiently and reducing our overall intake?


Ask Umbra: What’s the deal with lead in lipstick?

A reader asks why there's poison in her makeup. Umbra lays it on thick.


The new revolutionaries: Landscape architects reinvent urban parks

These designers are like Lady Gaga. They’re like Bob Dylan plugging in. They’re like the electric guitar after years and years of classical music. So why have you never heard of them?


Four important food and farm stories you may have missed

Antibiotics, eggs, nitrogen, and Monsanto's new seeds: A food politics news roundup.


What does your ideal street look like? A smart growth expert weighs in

Planner and smart-growth advocate Mike Lydon talks bike-friendly cities and bike-unfriendly cops, livable streets, and his ideal streetscape.

Climate Change

On Titanic anniversary, James Cameron says climate change is our menacing iceberg

The starving millions will be the ones most affected by the next iceberg that we hit, which is going to be climate change, says Cameron, director of the movie Titanic.

Climate Change

U.S. and Maldives endure the long, hot March of climate change

In an election season sure to be marked by more extreme weather, the Maldives' Mohamed Nasheed, an outspoken climate activist, fights to get back his presidency as Obama tries to hold onto his.