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The way we farm now: Fruit and vegetables vs. commodity crops [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that if everyone in the country wanted to eat their daily recommendations of fruit and vegetables we wouldn't have nearly enough? See the big picture of American farming in this infographic.

Natural Gas

Against the grain: Fracking companies mine rural Wisconsin for sand

Fracking companies are storming rural Wisconsin, bringing money and misery with them. But they're not after natural gas: They're mining sand crucial to drilling operations everywhere. Inside the environmental nightmare you know nothing about.

Farm Bill

Politicians, advocates make an 11th-hour push for a better farm bill

Do you have something to say about the $85 billion bill that will shape the nation's food and farming landscape for the next five years? Congress is digging down into the details, but it's not …


Let’s end polluter welfare

We can't afford to give away more than $110 billion to the oil, gas, and coal industries over the next decade. That's why I've introduced the End Polluter Welfare Act.

Renewable Energy

U.S. military kicks more ass by using less fossil-fuel energy

To understand the promise of renewable energy for the U.S. military, start as far from D.C. as possible -- say, with a company of Marines in Afghanistan.


And the winner for greenest building is … that old thing?

New awards roll out the “green carpet” for old buildings that have been given eco-tastic upgrades you probably can’t even see.

Green Living Tips

Ask Umbra: What can I do with old CD cases?

A reader wonders what to do with all the CD cases he no longer needs. Umbra has the answers.


Soda-ad fight bubbles up on NYC transit

The New York City Beverage Association is buying ads on hundreds of subway cars and buses, hitting back against the city's anti-soda campaign.


Americans still support environmental protection, thank you

Conservatives take note: A new poll shows a decisive majority of Americans believe protecting the environment is good for the economy.