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Pesticide-resistant insects add insult to drought injury

Monsanto's GMO corn is succumbing to corn rootworms, the exact insects it was designed to kill. And the drought in the Midwest is only making things worse.


New Agtivist: From backyard farmer to community visionary in Oakland

With a farm store and a 220-acre project in the works, City Girl Farms founder Abeni Ramsey is pushing the urban agriculture envelope in Oakland and beyond.


The travails of a novice bike commuter

Want to ride to work but too scared to try? You’re not alone. Here is one first-timer’s harrowing tale, along with a few words of wisdom for those new to the biking tribe.

Save the axolotl! Um, sure, but why?

Bears and sloths and salamanders are nifty and all, but do we really need to save every one of them? There’s a lot that needs saving, and frankly, we’re busy people. The Generation Anthropocene crew …


Obama’s stimulus package was a ginormous clean energy bill, says Michael Grunwald

Despite all the right-wing carping, the big 2009 stimulus bill was successful, well-administered, and virtually scandal-free, writes Michael Grunwald in his new book. And it gave a huge boost to renewables and cleantech.

Climate & Energy

A climate change fix conservatives can love

Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer advocates for a tax on carbon-spewing companies -- an approach to climate action steeped in conservative economics.


Critical buzz: Thousands of volunteers count bees to help scientists save them

On Saturday, pollination enthusiasts across the country participated in The Great Bee Count to help scientists stay on top of dwindling honeybee and native bee populations.

Climate & Energy

L.A. needs desert solar farms — but not everyone’s happy about it

As Los Angeles slowly phases out coal and some natural gas, solar parks in the deserts to the east are filling the energy void. But are they worth the potential local impacts?


Ask Umbra: Can I toss these old bullets in a lake?

A readers asks about disposing of unwanted ammunition. Umbra sets her sights on a solution.