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Joel Kotkin: The man urbanists love to hate

The prominent “suburban apologist” talks about how much he likes cities and how he loves to ride his bike -- and generally goes all Jane Jacobs on us. Wait, wha?

Energy Policy

More on ramping down baseload power and ramping up storage

Baseload is going the way of VHS. We must shed our aversion to innovation so we can start actually planning for the energy system we want.


Black people get asthma so everybody else can get cheap power

African Americans are more likely than whites to live near coal-fired power plants -- and, not coincidentally, they have a 35 percent higher rate of asthma.


For New Yorkers, a farmers market on your phone

An experimental online marketplace hopes to fill two gaping holes in the community-supported agriculture business model: choice and convenience.

Climate Change

Climate change is already harshing the weather

The bizarre weather we've seen over the past year is just becoming the new normal, thanks to climate change. So why aren't we freaking the f*ck out yet?


The Solyndra sideshow peters out

After more than a year of breathlessly reporting on the Solyndra "scandal," Politico has finally admitted that there was never a scandal.


Beekeepers to EPA: We’re running out of time

Over a million people have asked the EPA to remove the pesticide linked with honey bee die-offs from the market. Will the agency listen in time?


The a$#&^% biker problem: Why it’s hard to share the road

There’s no doubt about it. Riding a bicycle on the streets can turn you into a monster. But whose fault is that?

Sustainable Food

Put your money where your mouth is: Funding food with Kickstarter

The online fundraising platform isn't just for artists and techies anymore; in 2011 alone, 241 successful Kickstarter food projects netted over $2.8 million.