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Supremes uphold healthcare reform; I eat crow

Thank goodness, my prediction was wrong: The court lets Obama's health plan survive to be tested where it should be, at the polls in November.

Climate Change

Weather underground: How TV weathercasters can help in the climate fight

Weathercasters are trusted interpreters, but lag behind on climate science. Getting them up to speed could have big impacts on public understanding of climate.


Umbra’s second helpings: How to barbecue without cooking the planet

Planning on firing up the grill this weekend? Umbra has some smoking hot tips for you.


Can ‘veggie prescriptions’ really make people healthier?

Better access to fruits and vegetables is key, but recent science suggests that lowering exposure to BPA, pthalates, and other endocrine disruptors might be just as important.


Congressional Republicans attack another job-creating American company

In their quest to find the next next next next next Solyndra, congressional Republicans are now attacking thriving, growing American clean-energy projects.

Green Home

It’s even in gum!: Tips on avoiding plastic from expert Beth Terry

Author Beth Terry talks about plastic-free living, why the proposed alternatives to BPA might be worse, and the connection between cutting out plastic and building a local economy.


Supremes’ Obamacare ruling: What me worry? Why we worry

The fate of healthcare reform will shape the fate of every other effort we're going to need to make to deal with climate change and fix our collective future.


Rio hangover: 50,000 people rallied for the Earth Summit. Did it do any good?

We came, we saw, we spent hours and hours stuck in Rio’s mythic traffic jams. Here's what we have to show for it.

Sustainable Farming

After the Rio Earth Summit: Will agriculture really get any greener?

Global food production may have inched toward becoming more sustainable at last week's Earth Summit. Or not. We probably won't know either way until the next Summit.