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Out of the cage and onto the grass: Helping pastured eggs go mainstream

Austin's Vital Farms helps egg producers who want to transition to a pasture-based model, then markets and distributes their eggs around the country. Now it's using crowdfunding to help get more chickens out on pasture.


Americans are apparently not as infatuated with cars as we thought

The elections were a mixed bag for all things urban, but despite a couple of big losses, mass transit came out smelling like roses.

Climate & Energy

What can we expect now from Obama on energy and climate?

A big climate bill won't pass Congress, but there's a lot Obama can do through executive action if he wants to build up a clean energy economy.


Beyond Obama: Here are green ballot measures that won and lost

Two big ballot initiatives backed by enviros -- on GMO labeling in California and clean power in Michigan -- lost on Tuesday. But other green measures won.


In victory speech, Obama calls for climate action, citizen engagement

President Obama says we need to save our kids from "the destructive power of a warming planet."


Why Obama’s win isn’t the same-old same-old

The political landscape looks the same, but here are four ways the president's reelection changes the calculus for the environment and everything else.


How to survive election-day insanity

Election Day is here, and it's all over but the shouting -- and the boozing, and the eating, and the recounts, etc. Here's how Grist readers plan to survive the night.


GMO labeling or no, a movement comes of age

If California's Prop 37 doesn't pass, it won't be for lack of a solid effort by food reformers.


Cities 2012: The races we’re watching

The future of U.S. cities hangs in the balance today. Here are the races that will have special bearing on our urban lives.