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Business & Technology

Need to borrow a chainsaw? This app can help

Peerby connects folks in need of bike pumps and folding chairs with the neighbors who have them.

Climate & Energy

California’s cap-and-trade program now covers cars

The oil industry claims this will make gasoline prices soar. Experts say that’s not true -- unless the oil industry manipulates the market.


Plants clean this office building’s air in the world’s most polluted city

In the world's smoggiest city, ventilating with outdoor air doesn't work. A little greenery will do the trick, though.


What’s my greenest tea option?

A reader wonders if there's such thing as recyclable tea packaging. Umbra strains for an answer.


A New Year’s scramble to obey California’s hard-boiled egg laws

By aiming rules at eaters rather than farmers, California's bid to change poultry farming might actually succeed.


Your new favorite TV show will make you drool

Perennial Plate's take on the PBS classic Victory Garden will take you on a tour of America's food scene.

New Year's Eve

Grist horoscopes will tell you how to survive 2015

Or not. Sorry, Virgos.

No country fried steak for old men

When farm country doesn’t mean fresh food

A lack of infrastructure means the same stale food as everywhere else.


3 stories that will shape the climate fight in 2015

Thanks to some of the past year's less-expected developments, environmentalism and the climate movement may have some rare opportunities for progress in 2015.

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