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Give 'em enough sensors

This could be a huge move for air-pollution monitoring

A new company collaborates with Google to try to deliver air quality data at a new level of pinpoint detail.

Business & Technology

IKEA makes a big promise on LEDs, clean energy

Your nightmare shopping experience is getting a little bit greener.


Want to go to an eco-friendly college? Here are the 10 best.

The Sierra Club released their rankings of the top greenest universities.


Murals in Harlem show birds like you’ve never seen them before

Birds that are threatened by climate change are now showing up in new locations -- on rolldown gates, apartment building walls, and stoops.

The Fisherman

What’s it like to be at home on the ocean? Ask a fisherman

Tele Aadsen fishes for salmon in southeast Alaska, which means she is up close and personal with the sea every day.


Sunspot science throws wrench in favorite climate denialism claim

A new study shows that sunspot activity has not, in fact, increased in recent decades.

The Desolation of Smog

China is exporting ozone pollution to the U.S. — which is only fair

A new study suggests that ozone levels on the West Coast aren't dropping, thanks to a new smoggy import.


John Oliver reminds us how ridiculous American sex ed is

Surprise! Regions with the least access to comprehensive sex ed also have the highest rates of teen pregnancy.

Green Screen

True Detective is over — here’s who’s left standing

What have we learned this season? Los Angeles is a hideous beast, but if you manage to escape its overwhelming sprawl, you will die.