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Water flowing underground, same as it ever was

Will San Francisco’s water snobs drink from the gutter?

California's persistent drought has led San Francisco to take a second look at its long-neglected underground streams and springs.

Bust out of that silo!

Naomi Klein on how to build a more kick-ass climate movement

Climate activists need to team up with the anti-austerity movement, labor, transit advocates, and all the other folks fighting the good fight.


Can we green the hood without gentrifying it?

How gentrification dirties up environmental cleanups.

Climate & Energy

Obama’s carbon rule hangs on this one legal question

The EPA's plan to reduce CO2 from existing power plants relies on an ambitious new interpretation of the Clean Air Act. Will it stand up in court?

BPA in my IPA? WTF!?

There’s a scary toxin in your beer can, and it isn’t alcohol

BPA is in beer cans -- even your local, small-batch, organic smoked stout.

Business & Technology

We need to talk about your old basement TV

By collecting old electronics instead of replacing them, we're making the energy efficiency of new devices kind of meaningless.

Roaming Network

That’s not a sheep, it’s a WiFi router! (It’s also a sheep.)

As farm animals help expand networks in rural areas, side effects could include decreased attention spans and ruminanty Facebook rants.


This map shows the freakiest places to ride a bike in NYC

This is your brain. This is your brain wired up with electrodes and forced to pedal through New York's terrifying concrete jungle.

The road to Paris

What you should know about this week’s U.N. climate talks

There’s another climate confab happening right now in Geneva. Maybe you have some questions about it. Good, because we have some answers.