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Did you hear there’s a drought in California? Some residents are getting rid of their pools

But pool removal may actually be kind of useless -- if the goal is water conservation, that is.


Trudeau’s victory may not mean a huge shift in Canada’s climate policy

Those hoping the new prime minister will be a climate champion willing to fix the damage done by his predecessor, Stephen Harper, could be in for a reality check.

Climate & Energy

Climate action thought experiment: Why don’t we just squish all of the continents together?

We talk with artist and philosopher Jonathon Keats about his new project: fighting climate change by creating a new supercontinent.


The long, sad decline of the United States’ alpacas

The great alpaca bubble has finally burst.

Climate & Energy

Are India’s clean energy investments slowing the march of coal?

Chinese manufacturer Sany Group is the latest to invest in Indian solar power, but the big picture reveals a coal-dependent India.


There’s no moderation in Republicans’ dirty energy plans

Not a single Republican candidate's energy policy addresses the reality of climate change. Theirs is a "drill, baby, drill" world -- unanimously.

Climate & Energy

Popcorn, climate change, and crazy weather: Watch this neat science explanation

Climate scientist uses a microwave to explain extreme weather and global warming.


John Oliver explains why you should care about Canada’s elections

The makeup of the new Parliament will determine who will be prime minister -- which should have a big effect on the planet.


This California district brings tasty, local, affordable food to the cafeteria

The Riverside School District does school food right.