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Energy Policy

‘All of the above’ is popular, but hides partisan divide on energy

Obama is pushing an "all of the above" energy strategy because that's what Americans want, as a new poll shows. But look deeper and you can see there's a deep partisan divide on energy.


Antibiotics in your meat? The ethanol industry might be partly to blame

Many farmers feed livestock spent grain from the ethanol process in order to lower feed costs. New research confirms what some have long suspected: Those byproducts contain antibiotics from the ethanol distilling process.

Climate & Energy

‘I withdraw’: A talk with climate defeatist Paul Kingsnorth

Longtime environmentalist Paul Kingsnorth argues that we've so thoroughly screwed up the planet that further small wins are pointless.

Climate Change

Shocker: Conservative governor believes there’s a problem with the climate

Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich called for action on climate change, saying he was “all for” developing clean energy. (Too bad he's still all for fossil fuels, too.)


Get your subterranean doomsday condo — while supplies last!

Where will you go when The End comes? Well, if you’ve got enough cash, you can go live in an old missile silo and wait for the climate crisis to blow over. Then again, cave …

Industrial Agriculture

More evidence links pesticides to honeybee losses

The science is stacking up. Three studies in the last three weeks have shown that exposure to a dangerous class of pesticides disorients and kills bees, reduces their hive sizes, and results in far fewer …

Natural Gas

Ohio fracking is latest target for anti-Keystone activists

The folks who brought you the blockbuster protests against the Keystone XL pipeline are planning the largest-ever demonstration against natural-gas fracking.

Climate Change

New science reveals agriculture’s true climate impact

Scientists can finally prove that overuse of fertilizer in industrial farming is a major cause of climate change. Whether or not this will make it easier to hold Big Ag accountable is yet to be …


Street people: In San Francisco, humans reclaim the right-of-way [SLIDESHOW]

In the City by the Bay, when the weather is nice, people have taken to lounging, cycling, and otherwise making themselves right at home -- in the middle of the streets.