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Food Mythbusters: Do we need industrial agriculture to feed the world? [VIDEO]

These new explainer videos (a la "The Story of Stuff") aim to unpack the biggest myths about the food you eat. The first one asks: Is Big Ag necessary to stave off hunger?


California’s biggest climate hawk comes under fire

A tight state senate race in California between long-time climate champion Sen. Fran Pavley and Republican Todd Zink has major significance for clean energy far beyond that state's borders.


When it comes to food, how does your lawmaker stack up?

It just got much easier to find out how your representatives in Congress voted on food issues -- and to tell them what you think about it. Now who said the food movement doesn't pack …


Heritage seed icons bring back pioneer chic

Emilee and Jere Gettle run the largest mail-order heritage seed business in the U.S. -- and have neo-Amish wardrobes straight out of an old Sears catalog.


Sewer discretion is advised: Explorers find hidden wonders in urban waterways

Following intrepid bands of drainers into the bowels of the concrete jungle, the films "Lost Rivers" and "Rock the Boat" remind us of the powerful role rivers play in urban life and culture.

Climate & Energy

Why no one said the c-word in the debates

Four debates and no mentions of climate change. Have we moved backward when it comes to focus on science in politics?


How U.S. cities rank for cleantech (congrats, San Jose!)

A new index ranks U.S. cities by leadership in cleantech -- and San Jose, Calif., leads the pack. The West Coast and Northeast dominate, but other regional clusters are coming on strong.


Meaty dialogues: Film tour prompts real talk on the future of food

Talk about perseverance. Although his film was released over a year ago, the director of "American Meat" is showing his documentary about farm alternatives to young people in 100 cities and towns this fall.


Evolution or gentrification: Do urban farms lead to higher rents?

A veteran urban farmer in Detroit explores the relationship between the work he does and the city's move toward gentrification.