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Factory Farms

Meatifest destiny: How Big Meat is taking over the Midwest

With more factory farms, bigger meat processing facilities, and growing numbers of immigrant workers, it looks like Cargill and Co. might be priming the Midwest to produce meat for the world.


How Peabody gets dirt-cheap land and the rest of us get a gigaton of carbon pollution

In the Bureau of Land Management's corrupt coal-leasing program, taxpayer-owned land is leased at "auctions" where companies like Peabody are often the only bidder.


Rio grand: Scenes from the Earth Summit [SLIDESHOW]

The Earth Summit in Rio may be over, but just like spring break, the triumphs, tragedies, and terrible judgment calls will live on in memory. Here are some of our favorite moments captured in all …

Climate Change

Adapting to climate change: Necessary but difficult and expensive

There's no longer any question of preventing climate change. If we're smart, we can adapt enough to avoid too much suffering -- but it won't be easy.

Green Living Tips

Umbra’s second helpings: Keeping your cool without air-conditioning

A reader wonders about the best ways to beat the heat. Umbra has plenty of suggestions for this hot topic.


Pop goes the weasel: Will good deeds keep the soda industry super-sized?

Through cause marketing programs like Pepsi Refresh, the beverage industry is buying good will, and protection from policy changes like New York's proposed soda ban.


A tale of two summits: Rio People’s Summit is both vibrant and troubled

On one side of Rio de Janeiro, world leaders debated the future of the planet. On the other, a grassroots gathering gave a glimpse of the realities of life in the developing world.

Climate Policy

From top-down to bottom-up: New directions for climate at Rio+20

Climate change is global; climate change impacts and adaptation are local. We can look to locally appropriate solutions to inform a global response.


Lame it on Rio: Youth stage Earth Summit walkout

The listless conference in Rio came spontaneously alive for a few hours Thursday, when a youth-led demonstration turned into a mass walkout.