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Miracle fish: Is the search for the perfect farmed seafood really over?

As an herbivorous fish that makes its own omega-3 fatty acids, the barramundi is a promising farmed choice. But even this relatively green species doesn't solve all aquaculture's problems.


San Francisco artist mends clothes and builds community — just by giving a darn

Artist Michael Swaine fixes clothes for free on San Francisco streets. But he envisions going beyond fighting throwaway culture to start helping others build community.


Super size, super waste: What whopping portions do to the planet

Did you know that the surface area of the average dinner plate expanded by 36 percent between 1960 and 2007? Here's how growing portion sizes are contributing to our national food waste problem.

Climate & Energy

What would it mean to treat climate change like a security threat?

In the realm of national security, we accept the need to make decisions in the face of clashing worldviews and incomplete information. David Roberts wonders what climate hawks can learn from security hawks.


Lunchroom justice: Students push for cafeteria workers’ rights

As the good food movement takes root on college campuses, some students are asking: Where do the people who make our food fit in to the picture?


Ask Umbra: What’s in a label?

Who decides what's "natural" and what's "eco-friendly"? Umbra peels back the latest on the labeling debate.


Mitt Romney’s winners and losers

Romney claims government shouldn't pick "winners and losers" in the energy sector, but it's been picking winners for decades -- the wrong winners. Sen. Bernie Sanders explains.

Climate & Energy

Almost $11 million spent on Solyndra attack ads — but voters aren’t buying it

Special interest groups spent close to $11 million since April on ads attacking Solyndra and clean-energy loans. But polls show most voters still don't know about the company or are indifferent.


Rooting for root vegetables: The perfect recipes for fall and winter

Here are three hearty recipes from a new cookbook dedicated entirely to root vegetables. Trust us, it's better than it sounds.