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How U.S. cities rank for cleantech (congrats, San Jose!)

A new index ranks U.S. cities by leadership in cleantech -- and San Jose, Calif., leads the pack. The West Coast and Northeast dominate, but other regional clusters are coming on strong.


Meaty dialogues: Film tour prompts real talk on the future of food

Talk about perseverance. Although his film was released over a year ago, the director of "American Meat" is showing his documentary about farm alternatives to young people in 100 cities and towns this fall.


Evolution or gentrification: Do urban farms lead to higher rents?

A veteran urban farmer in Detroit explores the relationship between the work he does and the city's move toward gentrification.

Climate & Energy

Michael Shellenberger to climate activists: It’s not the end of the world

The coauthor of "The Death of Environmentalism" talks about the Anthropocene, an era of big decisions, and why global warming isn't his greatest concern.


Zakiya Harris says communities of color can lead us to a sustainable future

This Oakland-based hip hop artist and green crusader says the inner city is fertile ground for change.


Obama and Romney ignore climate, could learn from Hillary Clinton

Climate change got no mention in any of the presidential debates. It's left to Clinton to explain why climate is a national-security issue.


Climate silence: It’s the right, stupid

There's a lot being written about the absence of climate change from the presidential race. Blame the conservative movement's Obama-era lurch away from sanity.


These guerrilla cartographers are mapping the edible world

From charting food deserts to plotting the ingredients of beer, gastro-nerds will swoon over the maps in "Food: An Atlas."


Building up, not selling out: Can denser cities save family farms?

Innovative programs promote smart growth by shifting development rights from rural land to the urban core, limiting sprawl and increasing inner-city density at the same time.