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Did’s Twitterstorm to end fossil fuel subsidies work? Kinda

A storm of tweets cut through the Earth Summit cacophony for a brief moment Monday, but it also reignited old fights between rich countries and poor, and offered a reminder of just how far we …


For shame, America: Canadians dominate dubious awards in Rio

The United States, once a regular winner of the polluter-friendly Fossil of the Day Award, has fallen behind the pack, despite some pretty (un)impressive work at the Earth Summit.

Farm Bill

Line ’em up, knock ’em down: Senate plans 73 farm bill votes today

Congress goes into vote-o-rama mode to move this year's monster of a food and farm bill forward.


Shopper’s delight: Here’s what to buy organic

The Environmental Working Group's annual Shopper's Guide to Pesticides is out, with a few important additions.


Wild plants: The best ingredients you didn’t know you had

Plucking seemingly random weeds out of the dirt and sticking them in your mouth may be disconcerting to most city dwellers, but that’s exactly what a group of New Yorkers traveled to New Jersey to …


A professional forager shares her secrets [SLIDESHOW]

Take a visual foraging tour with the author of the cookbook "Foraged Flavor."

Climate Change

Are our 15 seconds of fame up, geologically speaking?

Paleontologist Jonathan Payne says we’re not seeing the sixth mass extinction yet. But give us time …


Rio cycle: Canadian bikes to Earth Summit (with a little help from trains and buses)

Last January, sustainability planner Naomi Devine set out from Vancouver, British Columbia, planning to ride her bike to the Earth Summit in Brazil. It didn’t work out the way she imagined, but she still made …

Urban Agriculture

What farms can do for cities: A chat with author Sarah Rich

The author talks about her new book, Urban Farms, the difference between a farm and a garden, and how city farmers are moving beyond the trend factor.