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Pew poll: Clean energy still popular among everyone except old conservatives

The oldest, most conservative Americans may get turned off by clean energy, but it still has solid support among the rest of the electorate -- making it a classic wedge issue.

Energy Policy

Building codes: Small rules that help homeowners save big on energy

Illinois is poised to adopt the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code. New building codes can make a big dent in carbon emissions, and save residents money.


Betsy MacLean: Community development as public health

Can sustainability make sense in the inner city? Sure -- if you talk about saving money instead of saving polar bears.


Graft punk: Breaking the law to help urban trees bear fruit

The Guerrilla Grafters play Frankenstein with ornamental city trees by splicing branches that yield fruit for the common good. But not everyone's happy: Their pursuit of fruit isn't exactly legal.

Urban Agriculture

New Orleans school cultivates a generation of forward-thinking farmers

Nat Turner and the hardworking young crew behind Our School at Blair Grocery are bringing healthy soil and fresh food to the Lower Ninth Ward.

Green Living Tips

Ask Umbra: What should I do with my old bike helmet?

A reader is at a loss for how to toss her battered brain bucket. Umbra, as always, is outspoken.

Climate Change

Hot pursuit: Amateur naturalists help track the shifting seasons

As the world warms, natural systems are getting thrown out of whack. Flowers bloom earlier each spring and wildlife misses seasonal cues. Now, scientists want your help to figure out what happens next.


Diving deep: Susan Shaw, ocean crusader and environmental health pioneer

To see firsthand the impacts of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Susan Shaw donned a wetsuit and snorkel and dove into the blackened waters. What she saw horrified her -- and it’s not over …


Eating invasive iguanas in Florida [VIDEO]

The Perennial Plate crew visits an island off Florida, where the best way to deal with the exploding iguana population is to eat them.