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Seeding justice: Monsanto vs. soybean farmer case hits the Supreme Court

Can the seed giant patent DNA, even if a farmer comes by it legally? After several courts sided with the company, the Supreme Court will take up one farmer's appeal.


These grassroots heroes are fighting for food democracy

The recipients of this year's Food Sovereignty Prize represent the diversity of a powerful global movement promoting healthy food for all.

Climate & Energy

Bill McKibben nails it on Bill Maher show — plus Tuesday-afternoon quarterbacking

Bill McKibben did a bang-up job of talking about climate change on "Real Time with Bill Maher" -- and it got David Roberts thinking about effective climate communication.


Climate change: The elephant in the dining room

Food security expert David Lobell says climate change is already throwing our food systems for a loop. To survive the coming decades, he says, we’re going to need all the tools at our disposal.


Back from the dead: MacArthur genius wants to keep runoff out of the Gulf

Marine ecologist Nancy Rabalais has spent 30 years studying the Gulf of Mexico "dead zone" -- a human-made disaster caused in large part by industrial agriculture. Here's what she wants you to know.


New Agtivist: Paul Kearsley’s gardens play by nature’s rules

Kearsley, an industrial designer by training, is spreading the gospel of permaculture -- a style of growing that puts food on the table while bolstering local ecology.

Climate & Energy

Yes, coal is dying, but no, EPA is not the main culprit

A Christian Science Monitor headline claims that EPA regulations are squelching coal companies. Not so: David Roberts explains what's really snuffing out the industry.


Could Washington state elect the greenest governor in the nation?

Democrat Jay Inslee, a climate hawk and clean-energy booster, is in a tight race with Rob McKenna, a Republican who acknowledges the threat of climate change.


Hardcore pumpkin: Should I buy an organic jack-o’-lantern?

As mountains of cheap, industrially grown carving pumpkins beckon, what is a conscious, holiday-loving girl to do?