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Climate & Energy

Twitterstorm rising: On Rio eve, sharing a call to end fossil fuel subsidies

Can outdo Justin Bieber in setting records on Twitter? And can that possibly make a difference to the planet?

Green Cars

Electric cars: A shopper’s cheat sheet

There are plenty of EV models to choose from these days, which makes for a complicated decision. Here's a table with basic stats on the major electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

Climate & Energy

Hot dam: Hydropower continues to grow

World hydroelectric power generation has been rising steadily for 40 years. But there's still enormous potential in unconventional hydropower like tidal and wave projects.


Rio: Let’s unleash the power of people back home

Since the first Rio Earth Summit, the global environmental picture has gotten even more grim. Our mistake, argues longtime conservationist Spencer Beebe, was believing that top-down solutions could save the planet.

Green Jobs

Bus-ted: Romney takes anti-clean energy stance to six states with 418k green jobs

Mitt Romney begins a bus tour today across six states where green jobs are far from illusory.


40 years of environmental diplomacy — what do we have to show for it?

On the eve of the Rio+20 Earth Summit, we look back at four decades of global conservation efforts and take stock of the successes and the failures. Well, mostly the failures.


Vanguard state: California might just lead the way on GMO labeling

Golden State residents will cast a vote on GMO labeling this November. Here's what it would mean for farmers and consumers if the measure passes.

Sustainable Farming

Say it ain’t soil: What’s the true value of organic farmland?

A Maryland organic farm's battle against development raises big questions about the future of food and farming in this country.

Industrial Agriculture

Climate change could cause ‘zombie weeds’

New research found that weeds exposed to high levels of CO2 actually transfer their genes to nearby crops and make them behave like weeds.