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Why is lead poisoning still an issue in cities?

We know how to prevent lead exposure, but the toxic metal still lingers in many POC communities, as shown in a recent CDC study.

Remote Alaskan villages move from diesel to wind power

Moving away from fossil fuels isn't easy in the Arctic, but some villages are making it happen.


Donald Trump is wrong about climate change — again

We just had the hottest September on record -- but you’d never know from the Donald’s recent tweet.


With “moderates” like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, who needs the radical right wing?

If you look at their actual proposals, the Republican's "moderate" candidates turn out to lean as far to the right as Bernie Sanders does to the Democratic left.


Bernie Sanders urges DOJ to investigate Exxon’s potential fraud on climate change

Sanders said the company's actions to hide the truth about fossil fuels and climate change could "qualify as a violation of federal law."


Oslo wants to ban cars from city center and divest billions from fossil fuels

You're making the rest of the world feel bad about itself, Norway.


Special COP21-branded apples will be handed out at Paris climate summit

The tattooed apples are intended to remind conference-goers that crops are susceptible to climate change.


Check out Obama’s latest tool in the push for climate action

The White House's newest Twitter handle is devoted to combating climate change.

Goodbye, krill world

Climate change is killing the unsung heroes of the oceans: Krill

Krill are basically the ocean's all-you-can-eat buffet -- and scientists are worried they could disappear.