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This woman turned her yard into a farm for an amazing cause

Watch this video for inspirational stories of family, mushroom hunting, and more.

Climate & Energy

Obama: Climate change poses “immediate risk” to national security

In a commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy, the president told cadets they'll be responding to climate change throughout their careers.

Climate & Energy

Spin some Fatboy Slim while checking out this retro climate model

Watch one of the first climate models in action.

Babe Alert!

This Woman Crush Wednesday, don’t be too hard on your bad self

This Woman Crush Wednesday, we have a little reminder for all the ladies out there: You don't have to kill yourself to kill it.


The White House is buzzing with plans to save the bees

The Obama administration just released a 10-year plan to grow monarch butterfly and bee populations.


Styrofoam and recycling explained in less than 4 minutes!

Plus, meet the McDonald's mascot you wish would come back and dethrone Ronald.


Hey, guys: Mountains aren’t necessarily pyramids

We've been living a lie.


Scientists may have found a way to eliminate antibiotic-resistant infections

New gene-editing technologies may take down antibiotic-resistant bacteria once and for all.

Climate & Energy

The developing world is beating the U.S. at clean energy

Developing countries are poised to lead the world on clean energy investment.