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Umbra’s second helpings: Eco-themed Halloween costumes

Is it possible to have an enviro-themed costume that's not totally lame? Umbra scares up some suggestions.


In VP debate, Ryan complains of ‘green pork’ and fact-checkers swat him down

Paul Ryan got his facts wrong during an exchange on clean-energy stimulus funding at the vice presidential debate.

Business & Technology

The greener the industry, the higher the job-growth rate

When industries make an effort to green operations, they add jobs, found a report from the Economic Policy Institute.


Romney’s new farm platform is all about big business

Romney's latest white paper on agriculture and rural America says a lot about gutting taxes and regulation, but not so much about the farm bill, sustainable farming, or drought.

Climate & Energy

‘Want to save the planet? Save people,’ says conservation bigwig

Peter Seligmann, CEO of Conservation International, one of the largest conservation groups on the planet, explains why he decided to dump biodiversity and focus instead on humans.


Farming the urban sea

In Long Island Sound, just outside New York City, new aquaculture projects promise to clean the water while raising low-input sustainable seafood in vertical underwater gardens.


Seeding justice: Monsanto vs. soybean farmer case hits the Supreme Court

Can the seed giant patent DNA, even if a farmer comes by it legally? After several courts sided with the company, the Supreme Court will take up one farmer's appeal.


These grassroots heroes are fighting for food democracy

The recipients of this year's Food Sovereignty Prize represent the diversity of a powerful global movement promoting healthy food for all.

Climate & Energy

Bill McKibben nails it on Bill Maher show — plus Tuesday-afternoon quarterbacking

Bill McKibben did a bang-up job of talking about climate change on "Real Time with Bill Maher" -- and it got David Roberts thinking about effective climate communication.