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Plastic water bottle ban leads to unexpected results

University of Vermont stopped selling plastic water bottles -- and it backfired.


In New York City’s black neighborhoods, poverty, housing issues, and asthma go together

New data shows health in Brooklyn varies along race and income lines.

Climate & Energy

How do you make conservatives care about climate change? An expert shares tips.

A social scientist and veteran of the anti-tobacco campaign lays out the handful of climate messages that have some traction on the right.

Climate & Energy

Greenpeace wants to keep coal in the ground by buying up mines and power plants

Activist group to bid on German coal infrastructure just to shut it down.


This bikini will clean up any toxic chemicals you happen to swim through

Is this the solution to the oceans' woes? Maybe not, but it sure is weird!

Climate & Energy

Fracking could be giving you massive balls, tiny sperm count

A new study of prenatal exposure to fracking chemicals shows potential long-term effects -- at least for mice.


The big buzz in Hollywood is legalized backyard bees

The Los Angeles City Council voted to legalize urban beekeeping, overturning a ban from the dark days of 1879.

Climate & Energy

California lawmaker hopes to refill state’s wells … from Alaska

Yes, it's a desperate plan. No, it's not a good idea.

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Hackers can now mess with our infrastructure. Thanks, internet

The more pipelines, railways, and energy systems that we connect to the internet, the more we open ourselves up to cyber attacks.