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Feral cats are literally eating all of Australia’s wildlife

Cats, not satisfied with ruining Jonathan Franzen's weekend, turn their beady little eyes to the Land Down Under.

Climate & Energy

In Wyoming, climate change is all too real

Snow is melting earlier in the northwest region of the state, which has profound consequences for Wyoming's agriculture.


Permafrost may not be the ticking “carbon bomb” scientists once thought

It'll be more of a slow leak -- but the impact of emissions will still be great, new research suggests.


Grab your hats, East Coast — the worms are back

The cankerworm invasion continues -- and it's especially bad in cities.


Watch Marco Rubio go from climate change believer to denier — in just 3 minutes!

Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio was once a big supporter of clean energy, too.


America has fewer and larger farms. Here’s why that matters

Join Grist as we explore agriculture of the middle.

Fortified with 8 essential facts!

Vitamins aren’t miracle cures — and that’s just fine

The author of a new book about our obsession with vitamins talks about the quest for nutritional certainty and the value of embracing how little we really know.

Climate & Energy

8 things you need to know about Hillary Clinton and climate change

For starters, her views are virtually indistinguishable from Obama's.

Tar Sands 2.0

Beneath the tar sands is even dirtier oil, and industry is salivating over it

Oil companies are buying rights to extract crude from bitumen carbonates in Alberta, even though it's hard-to-reach, expensive, and filthy.