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How your pot habit is making California’s drought worse

"The green rush" may be good for stoners, but it's not so good for the land.


Shell cuts ties with corporate bill mill ALEC, claiming high ground on climate (!)

The oil and gas company is the latest to leave the state-level policy group.

Climate & Energy

Climate and energy feature heavily in national debate — in Canada

Meanwhile down south, GOP candidates debated license plates.


Bernie Sanders watched the Republican debate so we didn’t have to

In case you're wondering if anyone talked about climate change or energy, no, they didn't.


The first GOP debate was just 7 adult babies yelling into the void

Each of the bottom seven candidates appeared to really believe that he or she will be the next president. Loony! Cute, but loony.


Instead of composting old fruit, these students want to powder it

Fopo Powders pulverizes expired food into produce powders, which are like the nutritious distant relatives of PixyStix.

Artisanal water is both a joke and a thing

Remember when drinking water came from the tap? Ah, the good old days.

Climate & Energy

Power plant emissions hit a 27-year low — and Obama’s plan hasn’t even kicked in yet

With a chart!


Watch Jon Stewart roast climate deniers — and more classic moments from The Daily Show

Jon Stewart's 16-year reign at The Daily Show is ending. Here are some classic green moments from the show.