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Carp diem: Making a living off invasive fish [VIDEO]

The Perennial Plate crew joins a fisherman who brings in a giant haul of this invasive fish nearly every day.


My Mother’s Day wish: Clean air for kids

Long-overdue standards for toxic mercury spewed from coal plants are under attack. Our kids are counting on us to defend them.


Obscure-but-awesome energy law getting shivved by natural gas lobby

George W. Bush signed a law requiring that new federal buildings gradually eliminate consumption of fossil-fuel energy by 2030. Now the natural gas industry is trying to kill the rule.

Sustainable Food

Could insects feed the world? [VIDEO]

If people in the developed world can get over the psychological barrier involved in eating insects, this video segment says, we might just find that bugs are the magical, super-efficient protein source we've been looking …


Will old-school green groups sleep through the Earth Summit?

Twenty years ago, major U.S. environmental groups helped rally support for the Earth Summit in Rio. Today, they can hardly be bothered with it.

Green Living Tips

Umbra’s second helpings: Giving green wedding presents without looking weird

Finding a good, green wedding present can be quite the commitment. Umbra vows to help out.

Factory Farms

Leaked letters suggest Maryland’s governor is henpecked by the chicken industry

In a state where the proliferation of industrial chicken houses is directly tied to the growing Chesapeake Bay dead zone, it might be helpful to have a governor who isn't close friends with a top …


James Inhofe’s worst idea ever?

James Inhofe, chief Senate climate denier, has a lot of terrible ideas. But this one may be the worst ever: Require Senate confirmation for all of EPA's 10 regional administrators.

Sustainable Farming

University strikes back against Occupy the Farm

Those occupying the Gill Tract, a 10-acre plot just outside of Berkeley, say they won't leave until they know it will be farmed sustainably. Meanwhile, the University of California -- owner of the property -- …