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Jeb comes out against ethanol mandate, Iowa be damned

The presidential candidate thinks it's time for the renewable fuel standard to end.


No, the fight over Planned Parenthood is not over

If you'd like to go ahead and cryogenically freeze yourself to get away from this absurd saga, don't bother.

Business & Technology

These solar panels might not be that efficient, but they sure do look pretty

Stick 'em on the highway! They act as sound barriers.

Climate & Energy

Map: Stacking up the states under the Clean Power Plan

Check out how the new emission rate reduction targets vary across the country.


Couple turns lawn into ecosystem; officials threaten to mow it down

A couple in Ohio decided to let their yard grow wild, but their township wasn't having it.

Climate & Energy

Fracking sites might be leakier than we thought

Faulty sensors could be underreporting methane leakage.

There’s only one way to fix the oceans now

And it ain't geoengineering.

Climate & Energy

Obama gives unusually passionate, personal speech as he unveils Clean Power Plan

The president told an anecdote from his college years to illustrate the importance of new rules to clean up climate pollution from power plants.


Here’s what the presidential candidates think of Obama’s climate plan

From Marco Rubio to Bernie Sanders, the leading 2016 candidates had a wide range of responses to Obama's Clean Power Plan.