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Hackers hack monster burritos down to sensible size

A food-and-tech hackathon team figures out how Chipotle could encourage customers to downsize their burritos and still feel like they're getting a good deal.


Ask Umbra: What’s a girl to do with soap that’s full of plastic microbeads?

A reader says she's stuck with some unwanted exfoliant. Umbra helps her shed a few bottles of bubbles.


With Dov Charney gone, these are the only clothes made by dangerous animals

Lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) are ripping into the fashion world, one pair of jeans at a time.

Climate & Energy

Inside Yingli, the giant Chinese solar company sponsoring the World Cup

You've seen their logos on the sidelines, now get a peak inside the company trying to transform the world.

Primal Screen

“Snowpiercer” is cli-fi with no science in it. We need more films like it.

Does "Snowpiercer" herald an age of well-made sci-fi where climate change is the Big Bad of choice?

Climate & Energy

Is the carbon bubble about to bust? One unlikely pundit thinks so

In the conservative Daily Telegraph, a business journalist warns the fossil fuel industry that solar is going to eat its lunch.

A gassy, icy concoction

New shipping channel will carry natural gas through the Arctic

Japan and China want to buy gas from Siberia, so shipping companies are going to take a shortcut through melting ice.

Drowning in dangers

Climate change is flooding out American coastlines

A new analysis finds that flooding from storm surges is getting worse as sea levels rise.


Oh, heck yes: Check out these farm tools for women

Green Heron Tools sells farming and gardening products made for women by women.

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