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How to make coconut quick bread with Key lime curd

A lime curd recipe — and a slew of other citrus-forward ideas — to bring a little bit of sunshine into your kitchen. 

The Paddle in Seattle

You have to see these pictures of Seattle’s kayaking climate protesters

The kayaktivists came out by the hundreds to protest Shell's plans to use Seattle as a staging ground for its Arctic drilling plans.

Climate & Energy

How shame could help California conserve water

Naming the biggest water wasters would cut down on excess water use. Too bad Californians can't find out who they are.

Business & Technology

Your Netflix addiction is screwing the climate

While you binge-watched the first season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Netflix data centers were spewing carbon.


Watch this before you get down to sexy times tonight

This video is a sweet and straightforward guide to sexual consent, and should be shared with everyone you know who has sex.


These scientists are trying to change rice as we know it

An international team is trying to create a more efficient kind of rice. What can coffee beans and cat poop tell us about their work?


While you were worrying about trains, your car was trying to kill you

I had to get from Philadelphia to New York. Sure, Amtrak just wrecked a train. But it's not like the highway is safer.

Let them eat kale

Kale may be coming to a McDonald’s near you

To help revive declining sales, the fast-food chain is testing a new kale breakfast bowl at locations across southern California.

Mi kink es su kink

When it comes to sex dungeons, sharing is caring!

A new company, KinkBnB, is connecting homeowners and kinksters in an AirBnB-like service.