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Renewable Energy

Why Germany is phasing out nuclear power

Critics are after Germany for shutting down its nuclear plants, but they are missing the point: Germans think so-called "baseload power" is incompatible with a fully renewable power system. Eliminating baseload is a feature, not …


Ire drill: Obama lauds Keystone’s southern leg

In perhaps his worst speech yet, Obama boasted, "We've added enough new oil and gas pipeline to encircle the Earth and then some."


Gallery walls: Cities embrace street art as a ticket to success

This spring, Baltimore joins a growing list of cities that have co-opted an illegal art form, turning it into a tool for economic development. But in the clear light of day, can street art stay …

Climate Change

Triumph, tragedy, and climate change: ‘The Island President’

A new documentary follows former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed in his efforts to tackle climate change.


The big blue: Can deepwater fish farming be sustainable?

An experimental fish farm floating off the Big Island of Hawaii has the whole world watching.


Texas landowner calls out Obama on Keystone XL fast-tracking

President Obama called for an expedited approval of the southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline. Meet a property owner whose land would be split in half.

Climate & Energy

The new Climate Desk: Getting hotter

The Climate Desk collaborators -- Grist is one -- unveil a spiffy new website and welcome the Guardian into their ranks.


New film looks at eating and growing local food in Alabama

The filmmaker behind Eating Alabama talks about industrial chicken farming, rural food access, and what it will take to create a local food economy in the deep South.

Election 2012

About that record-breaking dead heat in Illinois (no, not the polls)

Extremes like Chicago's freak March heat wave will be the new normal for a warming planet. But don't expect to hear about that from our presidential candidates.