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Farm Bill

Celebrity chefs and food movement leaders tell Congress: ‘This farm bill stinks’

With the bill on the Senate floor, Mario Batali, Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, and nearly 70 other food luminaries have signed a historic letter to Congress.


With renovated studio, LifeEdited sells simplicity to millionaires

TreeHugger founder Graham Hill's new venture, LifeEdited, markets a high-end version of downsizing to those who can afford it.

Climate & Energy

Energy companies, seeing a greener future, are losing their faith in coal

Utility executives may finally be realizing that coal's days are numbered, a new survey suggests. Already!


The top five things voters need to know about conservatives and climate change

There's been a recent surge of stories about conservatives and climate change in the mainstream media. But oddly, none of them tell voters what they most need to know on the subject. It's time for …


With her new gardening book, Michelle Obama stays away from politics

Michelle Obama's new book, "American Grown," reflects on the first lady's move away from food policy and toward individual and grassroots efforts.

Climate Skeptics

Climate-change deniers hitting a wall — but so is the planet

It’s been a tough few weeks for the forces of climate-change denial. But let's not forget how effective they've been over the years.

Climate & Energy

Bathtub photo lands coal activist in child-porn hot water

West Virginia coal activist Maria Gunnoe testified before a congressional committee about her community's ruined water supplies. Instead of action, her evidence triggered a conversation with the Capitol Police.


17-year-old tells world leaders to step up, give her a future

Seventeen-year-old Brittany Trilford says it's time for presidents, prime ministers, and corporate bigwigs to stop destroying the planet. Later this month, she may get to deliver her message in person.

Renewable Energy

The new new hydropower: Small-scale turbines have big potential

Move over, big-ass dams. Hydropower is getting a makeover thanks to a new type of hydrokinetic turbine that runs in canals and spillways.