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color me confused

Meet the United States of divided climate beliefs

These maps present America as a predictable, confusing, frightening, and utterly fascinating mess. We call her Mavis.


This roadkill map says a lot about California’s drought

A UC Davis researcher, working with citizen scientists, has been tracking flattened animals. Here's what they've learned.


Here’s what it’s like to ride San Francisco’s $6 private bus

Leap has only one route, wood paneling, and iced coffee for $5. It might also make you queasy. Is this the future of commuting?


Tom Steyer launches effort to keep climate deniers out of office

The group intends to show that climate-denying Republican candidates are under the thumbs of major donors like the Koch Brothers.

Climate & Energy

Duke [Energy] is the real loser

A North Carolina minister just slammed his state's energy monopoly for trying to turn poor people and people of color against solar power.

Climate & Energy

Fracking is causing Oklahoma’s earthquake “swarm”

But state agencies are ignoring the evidence, and it could cost them.

Climate & Energy

Climate hawk takes flight

It is with great sadness but also no small degree of pride that we are writing to share the news that David Roberts will be leaving Team Grist.


This startup wants to fight deforestation … with robots

A former NASA engineer launched a new startup that would use drones to plant 1 billion trees a year.

Nein Rand

Rand Paul is no moderate on climate change

Don't believe the media hype. Paul is right in line with his party on this one.