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How solar power can make affordable housing more resilient

Solar power with battery backup can be integrated into affordable housing at no net cost over the lifetime of a project, and it can help residents survive the next disaster.


Bernie Sanders says climate change is the greatest threat to national security

Here's what the other candidates had to say about climate change during the presidential debate.

Climate & Energy

Alaska governor: We need more oil drilling to pay for climate change damage

Now he's the laughingstock of Twitter.


Donald Trump is right about something … kinda

For a conservative Republican, Trump is surprisingly enthusiastic about spending lots more money on mass transit.


Suburbs of Chicago and San Francisco struggle over who gets to live there

The affordable housing fight returns to suburbia -- and gets ugly.


With the threat of coal exports, Oakland piles more pollution on a polluted community

Two community organizers explain why they're on the front lines to stop coal exports from coming to Oakland.

Climate & Energy

Remember the Amazon? It’s more dead than you thought

The dying rainforest could be contributing to climate change, which is just killing more trees. This is a problem.


Praise the dog park! Why your pup could make you a better neighbor

You're more likely to interact with strangers, regardless of demographic differences.


Leo DiCaprio is already turning the Volkswagen emissions scandal into a movie

Based on a book that hasn't even been written yet.