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Climate & Energy

Is necessity the mother of climate protest?

Massachusetts coal-barge civil disobedience settlement means that the "necessity defense" for climate protest remains tantalizingly untested in court.

Climate & Energy

Climate film gets activists pumped for NYC march

"Disruption" debuted to an enthusiastic crowd, inspiring them to try to make the upcoming People's Climate March the biggest climate event ever.


Get paid to make your commute awesome

Got an idea for how to make the daily trek less awful? This contest could make your dream come true.

Leak Report

Bad news for Obama: Fracking may be worse than burning coal

New science shows that thanks to methane leaks, gas won't work as a "bridge fuel."


Why Massachusetts is doing insect snacks right

How Cambridge's Six Foods is building a better food system.


Do I really need to rinse my recyclables?

A reader wonders if he should bust out the scrub brush. Umbra says he'd be nutella not to.


Why food prices scaled the peaks — and why it matters

You may not have felt a thing, but when food prices spiked in 2008 and 2011, they sent experts into a tizzy of debate over why it happened and what we can learn.


When adding bike lanes actually reduces traffic delays

In New York, smart street design helped the city have its safety and its speed, too.

Climate & Energy

China just got serious about global warming. Now we’re really out of excuses.

The world's biggest polluter will set up a carbon market as early as 2016. Here's why that matters.

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