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Sparking Debates

The men of Tinder have some pretty wild thoughts about women and climate change

How does one deal with the cognitive dissonance of being on a business trip in a place whose pop culture reputation revolves around lust and debauchery?

Skip the Shark Week mockumentaries and watch real sharks on these live cams instead

Since the Discovery Channel is just making stuff up, we've put together a list of the best real-life shark cams. Call it The People's Shark Week.


Want to step up your pesto game? Prepare to get down and dirty (with nature)

The best part about this pesto? The ingredients are mostly in your backyard.

Pay Dirt

Thanks to drought, panning for gold is gaining popularity in California

There's a new mini Gold Rush as rivers are drying up and prospectors are moving in.


This woman has spent almost a year underwater. Here’s why she’s your new hero

Star scientist Sylvia Earle dives deep in a splashy new Netflix doc about oceans.

Business & Technology

Your iPhone is about to get (a little) less toxic

The next step in a green direction: Apple will prohibit the use of benzene and n-hexane in final assembly of iPhones and iPads.

Climate & Energy

Texas messes with Texas, pits landowners against pipeline-builders

Texas loves Big Oil, and the state has let companies run pipelines pretty much anywhere. But Texas also loves property holders, and some of them are unhappy.


When it comes to roads and rail, we force government to lie to us

California's high-speed rail is only the latest public megaproject to be stuck in the overpromise-overspend cycle -- because we make it hard for officials to be honest.

Climate & Energy

Are women our best hope for fighting climate change?

They're definitely the ones who will be most screwed by it.

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