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Natural Gas

International Energy Agency: ‘Safe’ fracking cheap, but would destroy a livable climate

A new IEA report on the "Golden Age of Gas" says "safe" gas drilling is cheap. That's true if a ruined climate constitutes your idea of "safe."

Climate Change

Leading climbing outfit cancels 2012 Everest trip due to warm weather dangers

Unprecedented warmth on Mount Everest has made the ice too unstable. One climbing operation already canceled this year's expedition.

With the ‘McItaly,’ did McDonald’s truly go local?

By sourcing local toppings for its burgers in Italy, the multinational might have taken a small step in a sustainable direction. Or not, says Slow Food.

Land grabbing hurts the world’s poor more than climate change, Fred Pearce argues

In his new book "The Land Grabbers," Fred Pearce investigates the Gulf sheiks, Chinese state corporations, Wall Street speculators, and Russian oligarchs who are buying up tracts all around the world.


Faked Alaska: Is genetically modified salmon coming soon to a table near you?

Despite opposition from environmentalists, food advocates, and 46 members of Congress, GMO salmon appears to be continuing its slow crawl along toward FDA approval.


‘The Great Inversion’: Cities are the new suburbs, suburbs the new cities

Young and wealthy people are moving back to city centers, while immigrants and poor people increasingly flock to the ’burbs. Um, is this a good thing?

Green Jobs

Romney implies Colorado has no green jobs, even though the state has over 70,000

In a speech in Colorado, Mitt Romney asked where the state's promised clean energy jobs were. Actually, Colorado has over 70,000 green jobs.

Climate Skeptics

Once again, with feeling: More science will not cure climate skepticism

A new study in Nature found that scientific literacy doesn't tamp down climate skepticism. On the contrary, a more educated populace is even more polarized on the issue.


Survivor, endangered species edition: We decide who lives and dies

As the sixth great extinction descends on us, we have tough choices to make about which species stay and which ones get voted off the island. Nobel Peace Prize-winning biologist Terry Root has some thoughts …