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Climate Change

Cherry bomb: A year with less pie

Things are not looking good in the nation's sour cherry capital after a series of freezes followed some unseasonably warm spring weather.

Election 2012

Buzzword decoder: Your election-year guide to environmental catchphrases

Democrats like talking about "Big Oil" and "clean energy." Republicans favor "Solyndra" and "Keystone." No one's into "climate change."

Urban Agriculture

New agtivists: Young filmmakers take an urban farm adventure

For their documentary-in-progress, two recent college grads circled the nation to paint a visually compelling picture of today's diverse urban farm landscape.

Inside Grist

The ode not taken. Plus, puppies!

Study shows it only takes a small percentage of readers to make a big difference to Grist. David Roberts gets downright Frosty.


Clean energy as culture war

Conservatives say the American way is to use more and pay less, Walmart-style. No wonder they're scared about the shift to clean energy and sustainability.


Farm interrupted: Berkeley’s Occupy the Farm ends in arrests

The farmers and activists who have been farming Berkeley's Gill Tract had a rude awakening Monday morning when 100 police officers showed up to arrest nine people.


‘Weight of the Nation’ takes a realistic look at a looming crisis

According to one critic, this four-part HBO series -- which begins tonight -- offers a systematic examination of the obesity epidemic.


Here comes everybody: Number of bicycle-friendly cities soars

More cities are making way for cyclists, according to the League of American Bicyclists. But we still have a long, long road ahead.

Industrial Agriculture

A growing problem: Notes from the ‘superweed’ summit

What did hundreds of scientists and Big Ag executives decide when they met last week to discuss the mounting crisis of herbicide-resistant 'superweeds'? That they should spray more herbicides, of course.