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Climate & Energy

Why it’s a bad idea to tax people for every mile they drive

Oregon will soon test a vehicle-miles-traveled (VMT) tax as a possible replacement for a gas tax. If you care about climate change, it’s the wrong way to go.


Drought ended the Maya empire. Is California next?

If you thought America's drought problems are bad now, wait 'til you see what it can do to an entire civilization.


Hey, doctors: Women aren’t imagining their health problems

Going to the doctor is bad enough without being told that your very physical symptoms are the product of your silly, flighty ladybrain.

supermodel problems

Predicting the climate is hard. So one scientist wants to cut corners

Climate models take an enormous amount of time and energy to run, and they still aren't perfect. Here comes "inexact" modeling.


Removing antibiotics from food makes a difference, removing GMOs doesn’t

Food chains are falling over themselves trying to please the public by simplifying their products. Sometimes that's great. Sometimes it's meaningless.

harsh toke

Sorry to harsh your mellow, but that pot isn’t pesticide-free

Turns out marijuana and pesticide regulations are harder to figure out than a stoned 7/11 purchase.

Business & Technology

Apple, Facebook, and Google are the greenest tech giants — but they still need to do a lot more

It’s not enough to set a goal of using 100 percent clean power. Big tech companies need to flex their lobbying muscle, especially at the state level.

Connecting the dots between the environment and justice

Help change the conversation about race and environmentalism.


Scientists say we need a huge bird and bat preserve in the sky

Drones could cause a spike in bird and bat deaths. These scientists want to prevent that.