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Climate & Energy

Some big, important countries are promising to cut out fossil fuels by 2100

The G7 nations agreed that the global economy must move toward completely phasing out dirty energy. It's not binding, but it is notable.


Watch us (poorly) ride the Transportation of the Future

We just had to try out the Solowheel.


Think we can end California’s drought by eating differently? Think again

Real solutions to California's water woes will depend on politics and market regulation, not facile assaults on thirsty crops and struggling farmers.


Should I replace my brown lawn with artificial turf?

A California homeowner wonders about fake grass. Umbra rolls out a better answer.


Is Amazon’s new Seattle HQ the ultimate tech utopia?

Unlike many of its dot-com peers, Amazon has staked its claim in the city, rather than the suburbs. Now all it needs is more housing. And some nightlife. And...


Can we get people to move back to Detroit?

Once-mighty old industrial cities could sustain much larger populations, and that would be good for the environment. But is it realistic?

The climate conundrum

Texans should brace for more rainstorms, more drought, and more headaches

Climate change is doing a number on the Lone Star State.


Seattle’s unbelievable transportation megaproject fustercluck

Seattle is involved in a slow-motion catastrophe, as construction of a new car-centric tunnel grinds to a halt and cost overruns loom.

Business & Technology

Bunge rejects deforestation promise, NC ag-gag law passes

Two downer updates: North Carolina won't protect whistleblowers on its farms, and an agribusiness giant's shareholders turn down protecting forests.