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Urban Agriculture

Tanya Fields: Breaking locks and planting seeds in the South Bronx

Empty lots plus a passion for nutrition: How a food-stamp-reliant mother of four got into the food-justice movement.

Climate Change

James Lovelock urges world to pay attention to James Lovelock

James Lovelock, famous for the Gaia hypothesis, has in recent years been warning that climate change will send us back to the Stone Age. Now he says he was being overly alarmist. Can we all …

Green Living Tips

10 gross green bathroom questions you never knew you had

Is it OK to pee in the shower? Why is recycled toilet paper so scratchy? Do composting toilets smell bad? These, and other urgent questions, answered by Ask Umbra.


How catching salmon can save a forest

What does your favorite wild salmon have to do with a forest in Alaska? Quite a bit, actually.


Why that corn-syrup-and-autism study leaves such a sour taste

The paper Grist highlighted constructs a Rube Goldberg-style house of cards that collapses when you take the most basic look at its data and assumptions.

Inside Grist

Autism and high-fructose corn syrup: A deeper look

Grist's editor discusses the furor around last week's post about a study that sought to tie the U.S.'s most popular industrial sweetener to increases in autism rates.

Green Jobs

A live chat with green-jobs guru Van Jones

Green economy pioneer Van Jones chatted with David Roberts and Grist readers. Check out a replay of the conversation.

Farm Bill

Would you like a bad farm bill — or a terrible one?

For food reformers, little has changed since the "Secret Farm Bill" process was exposed to the public last fall. But now the GOP-led House has turned their attention to food stamps and it remains to …

Climate Change

Watch the climate conversation run aground

There was a spirited debate on climate change in the Iowa legislature recently. The way the debate unfolded is quite revealing.