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Four foods you probably waste — and how to stop

Are these fresh ingredients languishing in your kitchen as we speak? Stop the food waste madness with these tips and recipes.

Business & Technology

A call for a new economics: It’s time to redefine success

The old measures of prosperity are all washed up. We need new tools that create true, lasting wealth for everyone, not a dishonest economy that only serves to advance the ambitions of the lucky few.

Green Living Tips

Ask Umbra at 10: What a long, strange tip it’s been

Our beloved advice columnist, Umbra Fisk, reflects on 10 years of sage advice.

Election 2012

Romney, once an anti-sprawl crusader, created model for Obama ‘smart growth’ program

As governor of Massachusetts, Romney fought sprawl and promoted density -- another set of issues on which he looks to be seriously out of sync with the Tea Party and the GOP base.

Inside Grist

Haiku update: Reprieve for a boiling frog

Grist Haiku contest ends in dead heat. We're stymied. Frog, live on! (For now.)

Climate & Energy

Scientists to world leaders: You broke it, you own it

In preparation for the Earth Summit in Rio, scientists from around the globe did a little review of the literature. Not surprisingly, they say humans are officially Earth’s top dog. Surprisingly, they seem to think …

Urban Agriculture

Fowl play: Raising illegal backyard chickens [VIDEO]

Meet some outlaw chickens and the people who harbor them -- in their quiet backyards.

Election 2012

How Obama and Romney compare on green issues

A handy chart lets you compare the presidential candidates' policies on fossil fuels, clean energy, public lands, and oil subsidies.

Climate Change

My Earth Day wish: A better human brain

For Earth Day, Treehugger asked several green types what one wish they had that might make the world a better place. David Roberts would change the human brain.