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Climate & Energy

Climate change is driving heat waves around the world

A new report pins the blame for a recent spate of heat waves on human-caused climate change -- but for the California drought, the evidence is murkier.

Business & Technology

This lobbying shop is so dirty even oil companies want out

Occidental Petroleum is leaving ALEC because its positions on climate change are too extreme.

Climate & Energy

Big greens are spending big green in 2014 midterms

A climate change super PAC, funded by billionaire investor Tom Steyer, backs up its sometimes zany stunts with a whole lot of cash.

Climate & Energy

Is there any hope for international climate talks?

A binding international treaty with firm emission limits just isn’t happening. Now attention is turning to a bottom-up, “pledge and review” strategy. Can it work?


Why Virginia is doing charcuterie right

How Richmond's Belmont Butchery is building a better food system.


We tried to eat every part of a salmon, and this is what we ended up with

Exactly how much blood, sweat, and tears go into a first-timer's salmon fileting? Watch our video to find out.


How one Oregon town got its fish back

Can the fishermen of Port Orford work toward more sustainable stewardship of the ocean -- whether they believe in climate change or not?

Isla Bonita

The little island that could is going 100 percent renewable

El Hierro stands mere months away from its all-renewable goal, thanks to a wind farm that stores excess energy in a connected water turbine system.


No, economic growth and climate stability do not go hand-in-hand

The carefully worded New Climate Economy report says that we can take climate action and grow the economy too. Avoiding catastrophic warming is a separate issue, apparently.