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spoiler alert

Climate change ruins everything — and now it’s coming for your tea

Have you ever noticed that climate change is killing all that you hold dear? Welcome to Spoiler Alerts.

Climate & Energy

Can the pope move the needle on climate change?

Pope Francis is about to issue a major statement on the climate. It's likely to be more homily than policy prescription, but it could still make a huge difference.


Can Seattle’s restaurants survive the new $15 minimum wage?

Restaurant owners embrace -- and worry about -- Seattle's new minimum wage hike.

An Open Letter to the Democratic frontrunner

McKibben to Clinton: Now it’s really time to get serious about climate change

In an open letter to Hillary Clinton, Bill McKibben lays out exactly why she needs to put climate change at the center of her campaign -- and how she can win with it.


What if we banned street harassment? Buenos Aires might

There are currently two proposed bills in Buenos Aires that would make catcalling illegal.


It’s raining lampreys — time to leave this terrifying planet

These jawless, slimy, blood-sucking terror monsters have no business on dry land. Stay in your lane, lampreys!


Scientists confirm that Americans suck at not wasting food

Thankfully, nearly 90 percent of the survey's respondents were interested in reducing food waste at home.

Business & Technology

Remember that bulldozed rainforest? We have pretty good news!

A patch of Indonesian rainforest was cut down for palm-oil production. The company involved just announced a moratorium on all forest clearance.

Climate & Energy

The U.N. surprises everyone with a breakthrough deal to slow deforestation

It’s not often that happy, unexpected news emerges from climate negotiations, but that’s exactly what happened at a recent meeting in Germany.