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Instead of feeling bad about being single and childless, this woman started an awesome farm

Danelle Myer realized she had the freedom to do something radical, so she started an organic farm.


This tool could help Montreal cyclists route around bad air

A Google Maps mashup overlays air pollution data on the city street grid so bikers can go easy on their lungs.


Elevated paths give San Francisco cyclists the high ground

New bike lanes will keep cyclists safe from cars and pedestrians safe from cyclists.

Purrfect Storm

Oakland might not have much water, but it’s littered with kittens

A flood of fuzzy kittens are arriving at animal shelters in Oakland, Calif. Could the drought be the culprit?

Climate & Energy

California moving to stage 2 of drought grief: Anger

Let all the denial and anger, bargaining and depression hang out! Then Californians can start taking the specific measures that will actually save water.

Climate & Energy

We just hit 400 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere, for a whole month

We should be trying to get down to 350 ppm, if we want to avoid the worst of climate chaos, but instead the CO2 concentration keeps rising.


Which is scarier: The San Andreas trailer or Seattle’s future earthquake?

If you enjoy abject fear, you could just come to Seattle and stand near the Alaskan Way Viaduct every day, waiting to die.

Babe Alert!

Jane Goodall, Barbie, and a comedian after contraception: It’s Woman Crush Wednesday

Our weekly roundup of badass women in the news also includes an activist who's finally making hospital food tasty and locally sourced.


What farm cooperatives can do for the food system — and farmers

Cooperatives aren't a panacea, but they could get regionally sourced pancetta to a supermarket near you.