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Does the chicken industry pluck farmers?

Efficient or exploitive? Poultry companies pit chicken farmers against one another in a "tournament" system.

Climate & Energy

What will happen to the huge climate protests planned for Paris?

After the deadly terrorist attacks, climate activists are still planning to go ahead with protests and civil disobedience.

Climate & Energy

People want to frack the hell out of this giant piece of tiramisu

The Permian Basin shale field in Texas looks like looks like tiramisu, tastes like money.


The sad, sickening truth about South L.A.’s oil wells

Local youth and activists sue Los Angeles, saying the city protects white areas from oil well sites but piles them on in neighborhoods of color.


Breast implants could be used to study pollution in the human body

By utilizing discarded breast implants, scientists could have a better understanding of how our bodies absorb toxins.

Business & Technology

This new startup is doing hydropower right

Small-scale hydro projects along rivers in the Northeast provide low-impact electricity and help revitalize communities.

Climate & Energy

New hottie Canadian prime minister essentially kills Northern Gateway pipeline

Another nasty pipeline bites the dust.

Climate & Energy

Paris climate activities to be scaled back, even as official summit goes forward

After Friday's terrorist attacks, activists and organizers are deciding whether to scale back or cancel some planned events.

Groaning Board

How can I avoid wasting food over the holidays?

A father with too much Halloween candy on his hands inspires Umbra to dish up advice for enjoying the holidays -- without being a pig.