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What climate hawks can learn from Martin O’Malley’s quixotic campaign

The Democratic long-shot talked up the climate issue, but he didn't find a way to get voters to feel it.

Can California meet its climate goals without this major nuclear plant?

The Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant provides one-tenth of California electricity, but it might be shut down.

Artist turns climate data into striking paintings

Jill Pelto's watercolor art combines imagery from the natural world with hard data showing climate change's impact.

Mark Ruffalo comes out for Bernie Sanders. Who’s got Hulk Hogan’s vote?

Here's every celebrity endorsement that's fit to print.


What’s wrong with giving farm states the keys to our elections? Everything

Giving rural states first crack at the presidential contest every four years is bad for the climate and the planet.


Hellmann’s, defender of all things mayonnaise, jumps into the vegan market

Sayonara, Just Mayo, there’s a new vegan spread in town. Meet Hellmann's Carefully Crafted Dressing & Sandwich Spread.


Say hello to East Africa’s first solar-powered bus

It looks like the wheels are being set in motion for cleaner transit in Uganda.


Cruz wins Iowa, ethanol loses

Apparently, it is possible to win the Iowa caucuses without bowing at the altar of fuel made from corn.


Everything you know is a lie: Earth might actually be 2 planets smashed together

If you’re in the business of saving the planet, you better clear your schedule.