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I’m trying to eat more local, in-season veggies. Is there an app for that?

What's an aspiring locavore to do? Umbra says don't take it too Siri-ously.

global worming

Climate change could put gross worms in your clams

Oops, too late.


Hillary is hiring John Podesta, and that’s good for climate hawks

As a top adviser in the White House, Podesta has pushed Obama to do much more on climate change. And now he'll have Clinton's ear.

Climate & Energy

Turns out the U.S. oil boom was just a fairy tale

When oil prices recently collapsed, many of North America's shale oil operations went bust with them.

Climate & Energy

Will climate change burn up the internet?

Rising temperatures and other extreme weather caused by climate change are might have a heavy impact on our precious internet.


What did you do in the great Chipotle carnitas drought of 2015, daddy?

Chipotle's pork shortage is just what we should expect to see if companies that set voluntary animal welfare standards actually try to make them stick.


Obama is cracking down on another climate villain: Methane

It's the final and crucial piece of Obama's climate plan, and it just might work.


Overachieving Germans to green the Autobahn

The city of Hamburg plans to bury a section of the Autobahn, and plant a stretch of parks, gardens, and trails on top the tunnel.

Cool Whirl

See your new favorite parts of Earth (and Middle-earth) in 4 minutes

You'll never need to board a carbon-spewing plane again.