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America has fewer and larger farms. Here’s why that matters

Join Grist as we explore agriculture of the middle.

Fortified with 8 essential facts!

Vitamins aren’t miracle cures — and that’s just fine

The author of a new book about our obsession with vitamins talks about the quest for nutritional certainty and the value of embracing how little we really know.

Climate & Energy

8 things you need to know about Hillary Clinton and climate change

For starters, her views are virtually indistinguishable from Obama's.

Tar Sands 2.0

Beneath the tar sands is even dirtier oil, and industry is salivating over it

Oil companies are buying rights to extract crude from bitumen carbonates in Alberta, even though it's hard-to-reach, expensive, and filthy.


Are states actually protecting the most vulnerable with their justice policies?

A new study suggests that there's little substance to most state environmental justice policies.


Scott Walker appointee thinks volcanoes are a big climate problem

Here's why he's wrong.


Why Obama linked climate change to his daughter’s asthma

By bringing Malia into the conversation, Obama is putting more emotional oomph behind his climate policy.


Go on a deep sea mission from the comfort of your desk

Now you can watch this livestream of NOAA's sea-floor explorations until the end of the month -- all from your warm, dry cubicle!

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