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There’s a government conspiracy behind the California drought, so says this guy

Dane Wigington (real name!) claims the government is controlling the weather by spraying chemicals from airplanes.

Business & Technology

Oil companies are having a tougher time making money

Shell has pulled out of the Arctic, and that's just the latest sign that Big Oil is in trouble.

This interactive map shows the toxic sites near you

Find out where every Superfund site in the country is -- and where not to park your Vanagon.


This tractor runs on BS — but it’s the real, eco-friendly deal

Meet the world’s first methane-fueled tractor.


Check out an exclusive clip from Naomi Klein’s new documentary film “This Changes Everything”

Grist brings you a sneak peak at the forthcoming documentary based on Naomi Klein's book.


Think birth control access doesn’t matter to the planet? Watch this

Watch the video above for our explanation of why reproductive rights matter to the planet -- featuring basic kitchen appliances!

Climate & Energy

Could forests store more carbon as the climate warms?

New research suggests yes, but scientists are skeptical.

Climate & Energy

Climate change is making prisons even hotter and more dangerous

As the climate heats up, so do unconstitutional (and sometimes deadly) conditions in overcrowded prisons.


Good news: Global health is actually improving. Huzzah, civilization!

The latest data shows we've made impressive strides on human life expectancy around the world.