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Babe Alert!

When there’s nothing left to burn, you have to chill

If the world's going to fall apart, you might as well accomplish everything that you want to.


Temple Grandin digs in on the practical side of what animals want

To improve the lives of the animals we grow for food, we must drop preconceived ideas and try to think like them.

Climate & Energy

Pope hangs out with mayors, gets them to make climate pledges

Sixty mayors from around the world gathered at the Vatican and got encouragement from Pope Francis for their plans to cut CO2 emissions.

Here’s what President Trump will do in his first 100 days

All men may be created equal, but all presidents certainly are not.

Spoiler Alert

Fossil fuel emissions want to ruin carbon dating, too

The emissions don't have any radioactive carbon, so dating artifacts could become a lot more difficult.


These amazing trees grow up to 40 different types of fruit

Artist and Syracuse University professor Sam Van Aken has made more than a dozen trees that bear all kinds of fruits and flowers.

Shake It Up

Is it too soon to joke about a disaster that hasn’t happened? The New York Times thinks so

When it comes to the earthquake that will destroy the Northwest, it’s not making jokes that's the problem; the problem is doing nothing at all.


This is likely when people started eating chicken

People have kept chickens for cockfighting for thousands of years. Eating them is a different story.

Climate & Energy

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich believes in climate change. But he doesn’t want to fix it

Ohio Gov. John Kasich doesn't "want to overreact" to global warming.