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Climate & Energy

Fracking linked to premature births, study finds

Researchers find women who live near fracking sites in Pennsylvania are at higher risk of having complications during pregnancy.

Climate & Energy

This conservative economist makes the case for a carbon tax

N. Gregory Mankiw, former advisor to George W. Bush and Mitt Romney, argues that a carbon tax could go hand-in-hand with deregulation.

Shard Truths

When I recycle a beer bottle, does it secretly end up in the landfill?

You toss your glass bottles in the recycling without a second thought -- but where do they end up? Umbra digs in to a national dilemma.

Just call them pollutocrats

Dirty energy plutocrats are trying to buy the presidential election

Just 158 families gave almost half of the early money in the race, the N.Y. Times reports -- and many made their fortunes from oil and gas.

Climate & Energy

Communities in the San Joaquin Valley still don’t have clean water. Here’s why

In drought conditions, consolidating water systems brings out ugly politics.


Victory! California guv signs bill to protect clotheslines

The Sunshine State reinforces its citizens' right to hang out their laundry in public with a new law.


New York’s JFK airport has an urban farm. Wait, what?

An urban garden opens outside JetBlue Airways' Terminal 5.

Climate & Energy

Even as House descends into chaos, it manages to do big favor for Big Oil

Republicans stopped quarreling long enough to vote for lifting the crude oil export ban, which would be good for oil companies and bad for the climate.

Climate & Energy

Solar power access looking a lot brighter in California

Thanks to a new bill, California is making low-income access to solar power happen on a larger scale than anywhere else in the country.