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Business & Technology

Flying a solar plane across the Pacific is about as easy as it sounds

Inside the Solar Impulse 2, a 5,000-pound plane powered by nothing but sunshine.

I'm in town. Got an inhaler. Wanna hang? G2G, Smog

The smog that texted me

A new Sierra Club service will message you when the air gets really bad in your area.


In Germany, elderly bike messengers will deliver your local veggies

It's the Germans' answer to Amazon drones, and it's way, way better.


Just like you, NASA wants to send your kids to Mars — but for different reasons

Watch the Human to Mars summit livestream this week, and see how NASA plans to get our asses to Mars.


New EPA carbon rules would save thousands of lives, science says

The Obama administration's proposed rules for power plants could save nearly 5,000 lives a year in the U.S. alone.

Climate & Energy

Seattle’s mayor gums up Shell’s Arctic drilling plans

The oil giant wants to park its Arctic drilling rigs in Seattle's port, but the city is throwing up roadblocks.

Climate & Energy

Could wildfires undermine California’s grand climate goals?

California has the most ambitious climate plan in the nation, but if it loses too many trees to fire, it will have a hard time meeting its targets.


Watch Grist writers read mean comments

Some folks love us; other people hate us. Either way, give to Grist today!

Climate & Energy

Democratic voters care about climate change, and they could put the heat on Clinton

Fifteen percent of Democrats in a new poll said climate change was their top priority. That’s enough to push the issue into the spotlight.