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Climate & Energy

Katrina and Sandy cost over 2,000 lives. Will we do better next time?

A new project looks back at the superstorms that have ravaged U.S. coasts, and at storms yet to come.

Climate & Energy

5 terrifying facts from the leaked U.N. climate report

Even if we slash greenhouse gases immediately, the dangerous effects of global warming will continue for centuries to come.


Here’s what your Hawaiian vacation will look like in 2050

A new report on climate change doesn't bode well for Hawaii's tourism industry.

Climate & Energy

David Roberts’ top 10 greatest hits

Grist's climate and energy blogger is returning from a year-long sabbatical. Perfect time to revisit his top 10 posts.


Why Hawaii is doing chocolate right

How Manoa Chocolate is building a better food system.


Girl, let me see that thong (over your mantelpiece)

Someone is actively soliciting all of the 5-for-$15 thongs you’ve accumulated over the course of your post-Bat Mitzvah (hopefully?) life.


Booze is proof nature wants us to be happy

Cultivation, fermentation, distillation: A glass of brandy is made possible by millennia of conspiracy between nature and technology, orchestrated by human beings.


Architecture for the people, by the people

A new generation of architects builds community and sustainability right into their designs.


This 3,300 foot crack in the Mexican desert is nothing to worry about

“This is no cause for alarm,” one official said. Um, yes, it is.

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