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Climate & Energy

Out of land and almost underwater, the country of Kiribati may move to Fiji

Kiribati is one of a number of small island countries that will soon be largely, or completely, submerged as sea levels rise.

Finding Emo

Ocean acidification could be creating friendless fish

As CO2 levels rise, coral-reef fish seem to lose the ability to recognize each other.

Climate & Energy

With one more nail in its coffin, is Keystone XL history?

South Dakota's permit to build the pipeline just expired, making it that much harder for Transcanada to resume construction -- whatever the Obama administration decides.

Hacking the climate

Cool roofs offer a salve for hot cities — and the climate, too

Want to cut your air conditioning costs, save people from getting sick, and slow global warming at the same time? Grab a bucket of white paint.

Climate & Energy

The not-so-hidden climate messages in Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing”

It’s worth revisiting “Do the Right Thing” on its 25th anniversary for its prophetic messages about global warming and cities.

Space Oddity

Hopefully NASA won’t screw up its CO2-measuring satellite this time

On Tuesday, NASA is launching a new satellite to measure atmospheric CO2 from space. The previous one of its kind crashed into the ocean.


Drug users buy local, snack heavily

The world's drug market is also hitting the locavore trend.

Climate & Energy

Climate change making emperor penguins’ feet a lot less happy

A new study suggests the threat of climate change is enough to put the emperor penguin on the endangered species list.

hacking the climate

B.C. put a price on carbon. What happened next will surprise you

British Columbia's pioneering carbon tax not only reduced climate pollution, but gained popular support as well. Oh, and the naysayers who predicted economic doom? Didn't happen.

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