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Climate & Energy

From the Christian Coalition to climate change: One conservative activist’s story

Michele Combs, founder of Young Conservatives for Energy Reform, is working to engage Republicans on clean energy and climate change.


Too many apples? Here’s what to do with them (Hint: It’s not pie)

This fall season, fall in love with savory apple flatbread.

Business & Technology

Retired miners screwed over in coal bankruptcy plan

Guaranteed health benefits for coal miners and their spouses might be used to pay the bills for a bankrupt coal company.


Congress just missed a chance to help hungry kids. Here’s what happened

Advocates are hoping a new school lunch law will include some modest additions to the national programs.

Business & Technology

Whole Foods will stop selling food made by prisoners

Two products sold at Whole Foods came under fire for using inmate labor.

Climate & Energy

Tar-sands oil mining has now come to the U.S.

U.S. Oil Sands has started drilling in Utah -- even though the tar-sands industry in Canada is struggling to make a profit.


MacArthur winner wants to make clean energy with fake leaves

Unlike solar panels, artificial leaves store their own energy.

Climate & Energy

Meet the drought-stricken communities of California’s San Joaquin Valley

After years of drought and shortsighted land-use planning, the water crisis has intensified for residents in California's self-reliant communities.


Got a date? Take him or her home — in honor of House Republicans

In honor of recreational sex, our chasers for the week are going to be as unreasonably caliente as we can muster.