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Food votes: GMO labels rejected in Colorado and Oregon; Berkeley taxes soda

Here's a quick roundup of national and local races in the 2014 midterms that focused on food and farming.


This tool-lending library brings the sharing economy out of the city and onto the farm

Instead of shelling out big bucks for specialized machinery, food producers in Maine can now join a lending library of farm tools.

Greenhouse Effect

Which plants will survive climate change? This greenhouse could have the answers

The greenhouse is owned by a biotech company in Durham, N.C., that understands that resilience means money.

Climate & Energy

Meet the mom leading the fight against fracking in Santa Barbara

Rebecca Claassen has put her life on hold to fight for Measure P, a ban on fracking and similar techniques in Santa Barbara County.


You kids get off my sidewalk: Baby boomers want walkable cities, too

In a heart-warming juncture between millennial ideology and baby-boomer practicality, AARP is campaigning for more walkable cities.


When Republicans say crazy sh*t, it ought to matter

Soon-to-be Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst believes in Agenda 21 conspiracy theories and wants to totally shut down the EPA, and the mainstream media thinks that's not worth mentioning.

Climate & Energy

3,500 voters in North Dakota could put the brakes on huge fracking boom

Voters on a small Native American reservation are choosing between two candidates who want to crack down on the oil industry.

Climate & Energy

Tar-sands industry loses $17.1 billion thanks to public opposition

A new report spells out the financial costs of the public opposition to tar-sands development.

Climate & Energy

The Tom Steyer campaigns you haven’t heard about yet

The political moneyman and climate activist is spending big to put Democrats in control of key state legislatures.

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