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You’ll fall in love with this heart-shaped solar power plant

All solar farms are lovely, but this one will downright steal your heart.

down on down under

The Saudi Arabia of the South Pacific

How Australia became the dirtiest polluter in the developed world.

Secretary of Skate

Kerry calls world leaders to arms for oceans’ sake

The secretary of state is hitting overfishing and pollution issues hard, and calling international leaders to do their part.


GMO-free cereal? Middle America shrugs

Cheerios has been touting its freedom from genetic modification for months now, but General Mills says the label has not goosed cereal sales.

Climate & Energy

America’s newest national park is twice the size of Texas and underwater

The Pacific Remote Islands National Marine Monument is so big it makes the Lone Star state look like a stroll in the park.

Climate & Energy

Obama can’t do a lot to help poor countries deal with climate change, but he’s doing a little

The president can't commit to the U.N. Green Climate Fund because Congress won't go along, but he's going to factor climate resilience into international development plans. Hey, it's something.

Climate & Energy

How should funders and foundations deal with polarization?

Today's foundations came of age in a time when unbiased, expert advice led to bipartisan solutions. That's all gone now. How should they deal with today's polarization?


Why South Carolina is doing culinary traditions right

How this Gullah organic farm is building a better food system.

Climate & Energy

Why it’s easy to forget about the climate, even for David Roberts

Here are David Roberts' thoughts on the state of the climate, negative news, and his beard.