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Ask Umbra: Is it safe to water veggies from my rain barrels?

A reader wonders if he can use rain barrel water for his garden. Umbra collects her thoughts.

Climate & Energy

Is the Anthropocene a world of hope or a world of hurt?

For better or worse, we're running this planet now. What's wrong with saying we might be able to pull that off? A conversation between Andrew Revkin and Clive Hamilton.

Minga Dynasty

Cooperative organic farming takes root in Kentucky

Nelson Escobar brought traditional ideas of collective, community-sustaining farming from his home in El Salvador to Louisville, Ky.

Bike race

Want to empower African American kids? Give them bikes

From 2001 to 2009, the rates of cycling among African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians grew far more than among whites. Ed Ewing is working hard to keep that trend going.

Final Exam

What type of environmentalist are you?

Medium Chill Pragmatist? Eco Yuppie? Traditional Treehugger? Take our quiz to find out!


The Civil Rights Act at 50: Protecting people of color and the environment, too

The law has been particularly effective at ensuring access to public transportation for communities of color. Fitting -- it was born on a bus.


Neighbors transform abandoned mall into a giant aquarium

Reduce. Reuse. Fill with fish.

hacking the climate

In the Colombian rainforest, an experiment in community-driven climate protection

The Tolo River community sells carbon credits to corporations via a United Nations program called REDD. The rewards go far beyond just money.

Water supply key to outcome of conflicts in Iraq and Syria, experts warn

Security analysts in London and Baghdad say control of rivers and dams has become a major tactical weapon for ISIS.

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