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Hay, Girl

Farming is full of shit, blood, and stubborn fields. How’s that for romantic?

Thanks to farm weddings, agrotourism, and Chipotle, agriculture seems downright glamorous. The truth is much dirtier than that.

Climate & Energy

Caribbean coral reefs will be lost in 20 years — unless they can be protected

Pollution and overfishing are killing off grazing fish, according to a new study, which is driving the region’s coral decline.

baby got back

Borneo’s adorable vampire squirrel is threatened by deforestation

On the plus side for the squirrel, with no trees, it will be harder to make stakes.


Public transit still isn’t safe for women — but we can change that

We talked to Emily May, founder of Hollaback!, about why sexual harassment is so widespread on public transit, and what we can do to end it.

Mine Shafted

One judge’s smackdown of a Colorado coal mine could help fight carbon projects everywhere

A coal mine expansion snags on the 'social cost of carbon protocol' — a boring bit of legalese that could one day prove invaluable in the climate fight.

Hacking the climate

Meet the gleaners — fighting hunger and climate change at the same time

The United Nations estimates that one-third of all food worldwide is wasted. A new breed of activists and entrepreneurs is out to stop that.


Ask Umbra: What is the greenest party-drink vessel of all?

Cups or cans? That is the question. To which Umbra replies: "Neither."

Put a label on it

GMO labeling initiative heads to the ballot in Oregon

Similar ballot measures have failed in California and Washington. Have the Oregon activists learned from those defeats?

Fighting dirty

Congressional candidates compete over who is most pro–fossil fuel

In the races where energy is a big issue, both Democrats and Republicans are pledging their fealty to coal, oil, and gas.

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