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Pave it forward

Is there any earth-friendly way to pave a footpath?

A reader's city is replacing its network of pedestrian walks. Concrete? Asphalt? Rubber? Umbra covers the ground.


Is there a moral case for meat?

Philosophers don't have a strong argument for eating animals. So why do we do it anyway?


Instead of tossing your leftover greens, turn them into “meatballs”

Hold onto your carrot tops! And onion tops! And turnip tops! And beet greens, too. You can turn all of those greens into a delicious snack.

Climate & Energy

Summer nights are hotter in your state

Use this new tool to find out how much your state has heated up at night.

Climate & Energy

Coal company demonstrates impressive feats of climate denial

A document by Peabody Energy argues that “there are no demonstrated foreseeable effects of any GHG emissions.”


Arizona and California are ignoring the science on water

Despite decades of accepted science, California and Arizona are still miscounting their water supplies.

spoiler alert!

Thirsty birds are dying all over California — thanks, climate change

The birders in your life may not take this news well.


Polar bears don’t hibernate, so screw polar bears

Scientists suspected that the big white beasts entered a kind of walking hibernation during the summer, when food is scarce. They were wrong.


Climate change is a real (Canadian) peach

On the sweeter side of climate change, Canadians are now growing grapes and peaches.