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What’s scarier, suburban sprawl or a shape-shifting sexually transmitted demon?

If you're as terrified of inefficient suburban development as you are of supernaturally persistent sexual ghosts, you will find "It Follows" very disturbing indeed.


Mega-office parks without mega-traffic jams? Dream on, Silicon Valley

The tech giants have ambitious plans for massive new complexes, but they haven't yet figured out smart ways of moving their workforces in and out.

Climate & Energy

The coal industry is so totally screwed

Here's the latest evidence.


These scientists studied journalists covering science. Whoa, meta.

Media coverage of the last IPCC report was pretty inconsistent. (And what's even happening with Twitter?)

Climate & Energy

So this climate walks into a bar …

Here are four promising trends helping us build a future that doesn't suck.


Climate denial is a rejection of God’s gift of knowledge, says Episcopal leader

Can we get an amen?


Republicans tell states to break the law and ignore Obama’s climate rules

Mitch McConnell proposes a solution for any state that doesn't like Obama's plan to cut carbon emissions: Just ignore it.


Are millennials really just future suburbanites?

More young people are moving to the suburbs than to cities -- but that doesn’t mean they actually want to live in car-dependent sprawl.


Voter ID laws are screwing the planet, too

The Supreme Court refuses to hear a case challenging Wisconsin's voter ID law, striking a blow against both democracy and the environment.