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We love this fake plan to turn Seattle’s fusterclucked tunnel into a park

Bertha is still stuck, but locals have a plan to upcycle the unfinished highway tunnel under downtown.

Climate & Energy

No, Obama did not veto the Keystone XL pipeline

But from the misleading messages some green groups have been spreading on social media, you'd think he really did.

Guilty until proven innocent

How dirty media brought down Oregon’s clean-energy governor and his activist fiancée

John Kitzhaber and Cylvia Hayes were hounded out of the governor's mansion by a newspaper editorial board that didn't like their climate activism.

Bug Line

Meet the invasives: Asian tiger mosquitos have feelings, too

This week is National Invasive Species Awareness Week. But are they really scary invaders, or exciting new neighbors? The choice is yours.

sea it all

Finally, these celebrities get naked for fish

The British campaign Fishlove is pretty much what it sounds like: assorted naked celebrities expressing their love for the ocean's creatures, to raise awareness of overfishing.

Climate & Energy

3 reasons to give a damn about the deep sea

Scientists are slowly piecing together the dark and murky puzzle that is the deep ocean's effect on global climate.


Your pet gerbil is plotting your death

Gerbils, not rats, may be responsible for the plague that wiped out half of Europe in the 1300's. If you've ever met one, this should not surprise you.

Climate & Energy

Care about global climate change? Then fight local air pollution

The dirty fuels that cause particulate pollution are the same dirty fuels that cause global warming -- another great reason to crack down on them.

Climate & Energy

Obama vetoes Keystone bill. You can thank 30 Rock.

Congress tried to take the Keystone decision out of Obama's hands. Obama said no -- probably because Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin told him to.