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Ask Umbra: What’s the most eco-friendly way to get rid of this sexy stubble?

Shaving? Waxing? Laser removal? What's an overly hirsute mammal to do? Umbra takes this question on the chin.

Climate & Energy

Are there two different versions of environmentalism, one “white,” one “black”?

1970s scholars posited that an “apartheid ecology” excluded people of color from environmentalism. Were they right?

Climate & Energy

At this year’s big climate rally, most of the people won’t be pale, male, and stale

The People's Climate March, planned for NYC on Sept. 21, has a diverse coalition of organizers, from healthcare unions to environmental justice groups.

Tuna-ed Out

Farming bluefin tuna might be out of our depths

Because sushi connoisseurs have nearly wiped wild bluefin out, some scientists are trying to domesticate them. But, it turns out, tuna farming is no easy plow.

Dogg Eat Dogg world

Allow Snoop Dogg to show you the horrifying wonders of Plizzanet Earth

First up: the great white shark. Or, as Snoop puts it: "Damn, he didn't even chew BLEEEEEP he just swallowed. That's coldblooded, man."


In Detroit’s water wars, a pause that refreshes

The groups fighting water-service shutoffs in Detroit take a victory lap, though what they have won so far is highly provisional.

Booze clues

Watch this adorable climate scientist explain sea-level rise with a gin & tonic

Do not try this at home (adding salt to a beautiful gin & tonic, that is).

El Niño flakes out

Not even Jesus is going to save California from this drought

A few months ago, scientists thought that a strong El Niño could help turn California's epic drought around. Now it looks like that's not going to happen.


Zappos billionaire wants to turn a dusty Las Vegas wasteland into a thriving urban hub

Tech incubators, coworking spaces, car-share Teslas, a 40-foot, fire-breathing praying mantis. It's all here. Now all Tony Hsieh needs is some people.

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