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Climate & Energy

You’d scream, too, if you were this close to a collapsing iceberg

As the poles melt, icebergs are breaking off and drifting with greater ease, creating a world of problems for humans and animals alike.

Exctinction VI: This time it's personal

Dead elephants, plagues, and rats: Why the sixth extinction is bad for you and everyone you know

Our little habit of wiping out wildlife is going to come back and bite us.

Suburban Warfare

Out-of-touch dads still want gas-guzzling SUVs, apparently

SUVs are saving General Motors, but that doesn't mean they're about to rule the roads again.


Be a patriot, eat less beef

This is your favorite protein's carbon footprint.


Letter from Detroit: And now for a completely different kind of Canadian pipeline

A convoy of tap water gets sent across the northern border as a gesture of solidarity with H2O-strapped Detroit residents.


Want to support clean energy? Fight for voting rights

In our ever-browning America, empowering black and brown voters is absolutely necessary to make the transition to clean energy.

Back-to-the-land meets back-to-the-future

Amory Lovins’ high-tech home skimps on energy but not on comfort

The Colorado house has no heating system, but it has a greenhouse warm enough to grow bananas, a solar-heated hot tub, and killer views.


On climate change, Republicans are even more backward than oil companies

It turns out you actually can be more Catholic than the Pope.

Put down the kale and step away

Relax, everyone: We’re not about to run out of kale

Does the media have you worried about the coming kalepocalypse? Take a deep breath and gulp of that green juice, and read this.

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