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The hidden angles of the debate over beach access

When The New York Times invited experts to weigh in, they left climate change out -- and a lot else as well.

Climate & Energy

The Supreme Court’s latest greenhouse-gas ruling is a 97% victory for the environment

One doesn’t typically associate Justice Antonin Scalia with environmental victories, but Monday's decision in a case against EPA is just that.

The cities have spoken

U.S. mayors call for emergency action on climate change

Municipal leaders from all around the country have backed President Obama's climate proposals and called for the federal government to do more.

The shipping blues

Cargo ships carry a lot of climate baggage

The shipping industry must make huge cuts in CO2 emissions in order to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

Climate & Energy

Climate change is the next market crash, says former Treasury secretary

If we don't act fast and act big with a carbon tax, says Henry Paulson, we'll face a crisis that will dwarf the banking collapse.

a tough way to make money

Disprove global warming, score $10,000

A physicist is offering a cash prize to anyone who can disprove humanity's role in global warming. He's not too worried about losing any money.

PAC mentality

Now climate hawks have their own super PAC

It's called, appropriately, Climate Hawks Vote, and it aims to elect outspoken climate leaders to Congress, not just Democrats who quietly vote the right way.


A mapping group at MIT wants to show us the way to greener cities

Sep Kamvar's slick data maps help urbanites recognize the elements that they love, and the ones that need some tweaking.


Ask Umbra: Is it safe to use newspaper as garden mulch?

A reader frets about dioxins in his topsoil. It's a dirty question, but somebody's got to answer it.

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