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Why Obama should crack down on gassy cows

Obama's new methane regulations don’t pass the smell test.


Watch me get an IUD — for the planet

Sometimes, doing the most sustainable thing for your uterus means you get to go to McDonald's afterward.

Virtuous cycle

Peer-to-peer bike rentals are more principle than profit

Spinlister, the Airbnb-style rent-a-bike service, wants to help give cyclists access to wheels, wherever they may find themselves.


Solving hunger is simple — end poverty. Gulp.

Trying to end poverty may seem like a tall order if all you want to do is make sure people don't starve. But there's plenty we can do -- and a lot we even agree on.

Climate & Energy

Climate change could be happening 2,400 feet under Antarctic ice

Scientist drilled half a mile through ancient Antarctic glaciers and found, yup, more evidence of human-caused climate change.


Is there such thing as guilt-free leather?

A reader wonders if faux leather is more ethical than the real stuff. Umbra says she could be suede.

Climate & Energy

Watch this nature doc on the majestic tar-sands pipeline

This spin-off of National Geographic Channel's "Great Migrations" tells the story of an unexpected critter.


Beijing’s toxic air is literally off the charts


Climate & Energy

Quick, go visit the ocean one last time before it dies

We mess with the oceans so much that we may be due for a marine mass extinction, says a new broad study.